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War Eagle Blades Small Trapper

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Item #: WEB-TC210YD


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We found that one of the makers we trust to make our finest A. G. Russell designs was also making reasonably priced traditional folders. We arranged for them to make a series of traditional patterns for our War Eagle Blades™ brand, beginning with the two that are typically the most carried: the stockman and the trapper.

These knives are made to the highest standards possible at the price levels shown. They are great using knives. The blade steel is 7Cr17MoV at 54-56 Rc. This is very similar to the steel used in the Uncle Henry knives before Schrade's  bankruptcy. The liners are brass and the bolsters, caps and double bomb shield are nickel silver. We put these knives through the same rigid inspection that we put the A. G. Russell knives through. You can depend on the quality.

The Trapper was historically one of the two most popular pocket knives in America. This small trapper carries well in a pouch on your belt and fits well in your work pants pocket or the pocket of a snug pair of jeans. Blades are a 2-3/4" Clip blade and a 2-3/4" Long Spey blade. Measures 3-1/2" closed. Weighs about 2.9 oz.


  • Type
  • Blade
    Clip - Spey
  • Blade Length
    2-3/4" - 2-3/4"
  • Blade Steel
  • Lock
    Slip Joint
  • Bolsters
    Nickel Silverq
  • Liners
  • Pattern
  • Handle
    Yellow Delrin
  • Closed Length
  • Weight
    2.9 oz.
  • Origin

War Eagle Blades

War Eagle Blades is a trademark of ours. The brand we have chosen is reflective of the 1970s when I was selling War Eagle Whetstones from my farm on War Eagle Creek, here in Northwest Arkansas. Knives with the W.E.B. ™ mark will be made to meet our standards of quality and value. The prices will vary widely and production will be from around the world, wherever we find knives that meet our quality and design standards, and will include both folders and fixed blades. We will not mark any handmade knife with the W.E.B. ™ mark. You will be hard pressed to find a better value knife at this quality.

My daughter purchased a War Eagle Copperhead knife for Father's Day and I am impressed with the quality and workmanship of the knife. I told her she spent too much on her father and she said it was not much at all. This knife displayed craftsmanship and fit that would cost upwards of $70 or more. This knife is almost too nice to put in my pocket but when she told me how much she paid for it, it will go in my pocket and be used for the purpose for which it was made. Normand, S. Fairhaven, MA
I know there have been some who have cast doubt as to the manufacturing of knives in China, but let me be one to say that I am only glad that you found a way to keep your business fruitful, while still providing amazing quality to knife nuts like me. I have found absolutely NO reason for concern and feel that the knives being made are excellent in every way. Please keep doing what you must to stay in business and keep up the great work. Dale D. Fayetteville, AR
$ 34.95