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Zippered Nylon Knife Cases

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Item #: CZN-C1442


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  • Item #: CZN-C1442 $6.95
    In Stock
  • Item #: CZN-C245 $6.95
    In Stock
  • Item #: CZN-C226 $6.95
    In Stock

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We have used these cases for years to transport our knives to shows and to store prized knives. Every time we do not have space to include them in our catalog, we get calls wanting to know if we still carry them. I suppose this will be an item that we will always have in stock because it is such a basic, essential accessory.

If, at some point, you do not see them in our catalog, just ask a customer service representative. High-quality workmanship.

Option A

Nylon Zipper Case 1-3/4 IN X 4-1/2 IN

Item #: CZN-C1442 $6.95
In Stock


Nylon Zipper Case 2-1/4 IN X 5 IN

Item #: CZN-C245 $6.95
In Stock

Option B

Nylon Zipper Case 2-1/2 IN X 6 IN

Item #: CZN-C226 $6.95
In Stock

Option A

Nylon Zipper Case 1-3/4 IN X 4-1/2 IN

  • Overall Length
    4-1/2 IN


This Brand is for Products that do not have a larger brand.

$ 6.95