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A.G. Russell Knives Sharpening Service

We can sharpen your Steel Blades.

We professionally sharpen plain edge blades - both fixed or folding. Serrated blades are freshened up by sharpening the opposite side of the serration. 

We do not sharpen scissors, lawnmower blades, ceramic blades, swords, or convex grinds (axes/hatchets would be given a secondary bevel/edge bevel rather than a convex grind). 

It will take 1 to 2 weeks for shipped blades. 2 - 4 business days if you are local.

Knives 4.99 inches and under are $5.00 per blade.

Knives 5 inches to 10 inches are $8.00 per blade.

Knives over 10 inches are $10.00 per blade.

For anything over 15 inches, call our customer service (800-255-9034) for a quote and confirmation that we can sharpen it for you.

Shipping Charges

If we're shipping the knives back to you, there is a $3.00 ship charge per knife, or $8.95 for 3+ knives. USPS shipping only.
If you have a fixed blade, be sure to tightly, carefully wrap your knife's edge. The best way is to construct a temperary cardboard sheath with cardboard and tape. That way the postman doesn't get cut, and we like to keep him happy!

Ship to:
ATTN: Sharpening
A.G. Russell Knives, Inc.
2900 S. 26th St.
Rogers, AR 72758