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Winter 2019 Catalog Letter

December 2018

Dear Customers and Friends,

I believe that by now most of you know that we lost A.G. on October 12. I will be doing my best to fill as much of the void that his passing has left as I can here at A.G. Russell Knives and in the knife community as well. For over 30 years, I have been A.G.'s major support in this company; producing catalogs, managing the administration of the company, working with him to produce his knife designs and helping him write the stories and descriptions that our customers love. We will continue to produce knives from the 'stacks' of designs that A.G. brought to Phil Gibbs over recent years. He was determined to prepare us to continue this company. We will continue the work he loved so much.

Many of you knew him personally, even if you had never had the opportunity to shake his hand. He had met many of you at knife shows, had talked to many more by phone and as he indicated through the catalogs, magazine ads and e-mails, he thought of all his customers and the knife community at large as his friends.

A.G. started this company in 1964 from his farm house kitchen near War Eagle Mill in Northwest Arkansas selling Arkansas Sharpening Stones through small ads in magazines like Guns & Amno and The American Rifleman. That quickly led to selling knives through those same magazines, the purchase of the Morseth shop and brand, the purchase of Hen & Rooster in Germany and the development of A. G. Russell's List of Knives for Immediate Delivery, the A.G. Russell Catalog of Knives and the Knife Collectors Club.

His impact on the knife community has been huge. He provided the idea of the Knifemakers Guild, and along with Bob Loveless, lead the founding of that organization. He conceived the idea of a knife collectors club, and in 1970, together with Schrade Cutlery, created the Knife Collectors Club - a first, and he offered the first limited edition serial numbered knife. There were so many A.G. Russell firsts in the knife world that for me to try to list them all here is not possible today.

 Watch our website and our weekly e-mails for a video presentation of a celebration of A.G.'s life and his contribution to the knife community and to our service members.

with great appreciation,

Goldie Russell, president
A. G. Russell Knives