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Arkansas Sharpening Stones

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For hundreds of years Arkansas stones (Novaculite) were the undisputed leader for sharpening blades. These stones are quarried from geological formations of Novaculite in the United States, in the area around Hot Springs, Arkansas. Novaculite is a rock composed of microcrystalline quartz and is the rarest and finest abrasive natural stone in existence.

If you were taught to sharpen knives by your grandfather, or for some by your father, you are aware of the fine edge an Arkansas Stone will create. These natural stones were largely replaced by the introduction of ceramic rods and diamond plates, but are still highly prized around the world for creating the finest edges. The stones are available in Soft and Hard. The soft stone is more porous, will remove steel from the edge quicker, and will give a "grabbier" edge. The hard stone will fine tune the edge to razor sharpness. As with all Bench Stones - natural, diamond or other material - it does take practice to put a great edge on a knife blade. A.G. created a number of informative videos on knife sharpening. You can find links for those at

The stones can be used as a water stone or an oil stone - once you use oil you cannot go back to water. We use Washita Honing Oil for oil stones.

Option A

4x2x3/8" Soft (medium)

Item #: S428-W $25.00
In Stock

Option B

4x2x1" Soft (medium)

Item #: S421-A $35.00
In Stock

Option C

8x2x1" Soft (medium)

Item #: S821 $55.00
In Stock

Option D

6x2x1" Hard (fine)

Item #: H621 $75.00
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Option E

8x2x1" Hard (fine)

Item #: H821 $175.00
In Stock


6x2x1" Soft (medium)

Item #: S621 $35.00


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