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Blade Safe Protective Kitchen Knife Sheath

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Item #: V-47303


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  • Item #: V-47303 $7.95
    In Stock
  • Item #: V-47302 $6.95
    In Stock
  • Item #: V-47301 $5.95
    In Stock
  • Item #: V-47300 $4.95
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  • Item #: V-473SET $23.95
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Carry your knives safely in your picnic basket or to that family potluck dinner.

Now why didn't I think of that? Protects you and your kitchen knives for safe storage in your kitchen drawer or in the picnic basket. Locks securely in place to avoid accidental removal. There is a size to fit almost any standard kitchen knife. Made of durable polypropylene plastic and dishwasher safe on the top rack. Great idea!

Option A

Blade Safe 8" to 10" blade

Item #: V-47303 $7.95
In Stock


Blade Safe 6" to 8" blade

Item #: V-47302 $6.95
In Stock

Option B

Blade Safe 4" to 6" blade

Item #: V-47301 $5.95
In Stock


Blade Safe 3" to 4" blade

Item #: V-47300 $4.95
In Stock


Blade Safe set one of each size

Item #: V-473SET $23.95
In Stock


This Brand is for Products that do not have a larger brand.


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