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Boker Plus The Devil's Brigade

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The Devil's Brigade, officially known as the 1st Special Service Force, was organized in July of 1942. During WWII, this special task force of American and Canadian soldiers completed missions in the Aleutian Islands, Italy and southern France before being disbanded in December 1944. The origin of many of today's special force units can be traced back to this group. An important piece of equipment for members of the Devil's Brigade was a specially designed V-42 combat knife, which was also part of their intensive close combat training.

With this replica, Böker Plus® has stayed as close to the original as possible. The handle of compressed leather discs ends in a pointed metal impact cap. Thick leather padding behind the slightly curved guard offers protection from injury. There is a corrugated thumb rest on the reverse side of 7" double-edged blade to aid grip and the blade is black-coated to cut down on reflection. Made from SK-85 non-stainless carbon steel at 58-59 Rc., this blade is tough (though not stainless). To this day, the crest of the Special Forces of the U.S. Army adorns this legendary dagger. Measures 11-3/4" overall and weighs 5.9 oz. Ships with a leather sheath designed to look like the original, as well as a replica of the cloth insignia of the unit and a reproduction of the original German sticker with the words "The worst is yet to come!", which was distributed behind the lines in order to demoralize the enemy. Suggested retail is $139.95. Made in China.

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