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DMT Base Only for 8" and 10" Stones

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These are the finest Diamond sharpeners that I have ever seen. The base is the most valuable piece of lightweight plastic I have seen in many years. The cost is tiny but the utility is enormous. I consider this base so IMPORTANT that I will provide one free of cost to any of you who order one or more of the 8" or 10" stones listed below. Every base accepts both sizes so you only need one, even if you are using both the 8" and the 10" sharpeners.

Anyone who needs a flat sharpening surface should try, either the 8" x 2-5/8" or the 10" x 4" diamond "stones". Each has two sides with different grits. I recommend, and we try to keep enough of these on hand for immediate shipment, the Fine and Extra Fine. We also try to keep a few of the Coarse and Extra Coarse, the Fine and Coarse and the Extra Fine and Coarse on hand.

For years I ignored the DMT products because of an ill-founded prejudice against the open nature of the plastic filled holes in the surface of the diamond plate. I thought that the point or curve would catch and would not sharpen properly. I was wrong. These work fine and I recommend them without reservation. We use them in the showroom, in the shop, as well as in my own home shop.

This page offers the base only for the 8" and 10" stones.

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