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Slip Joint Springs


Here are a few drawings of slip joint knife springs.

Slip Joint Knife Spring Diagrams and Terms



Pocket Spring

A spring for a single blade, it is pinned in place at the butt. An example of this spring would be the Cowboy and Rancher Pocket knives (Discontinued).

Cowboy single blade single spring slip joint pocket knives



Pen Spring

A spring for a blade at both ends. An example of this is the Reverse Congress Muskrat (Discontinued).

Pen Spring - Double Bladed single spring slip joint knife



Lobster Pen Spring

It is very seldom that you see this spring used.

Lobster Pen Spring diagram for Slip joint knives by A.G. Russell

A spring that has two blades at one end and one at the other. An example of this is the Hen & Rooster Lobster Pen knife (Discontinued).

Hen & Rooster Lobster Pen Knife


3 - Blade Pen Spring

 Used in boy scout knives such as the Boker Scout Knife.

3-Blade Pen Spring diagram and terms for slip joint knives

​Boker Scout or Camp Knife.

Böker Scout or Camp Knife with Red Deer Stag Scales