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Walker Lock (Liner Lock)

The Michael Walker "liner-lock" that has changed forever the folding knife world. This knife is so much easier to produce with unskilled or somewhat skilled workers than the slipjoint, midlock or lockback knives that require highly skilled workers and expensive tooling to produce. The market for those knives is so small that handmade makers, and a speciality company like A.G. Russell Knives, is able to fill the demand.

Liner-Lock with Ball Detent - The Power Ball Folding Knife



A well made Walker Lock (Liner-Lock), with a proper detent to hold the blade closed and made of decent material, makes a more than adequate pocket knife. With the addition of a pocket clip, introduced by Sal Glesser of Spyderco Knives, the liner-style lock has come to dominate all segments of the market. High, low, and mid priced. Making a strong bid for the high end of that market is it's descendant, the Frame Lock with the same detent. I believe the Frame Lock was first used by maker Chris Reeve. I will discuss the Frame Lock next week.