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Customer Testimonials

Your Customer Service Representative was very helpful and professional. She provided the best customer service I've ever received online (email), and the outstanding customer service she provided will certainly keep me as a customer. I'll be coming back to your company for further knife and sharpening purchases! Please thank her on my behalf.

Owen F. Colorado Springs, CO

I recently ordered the Lockback Folding Hunter knife with yellow Delrin scales, and hoped it would arrive for the Wisconsin Deer opener. I had ordered late so didn't expect it. To my great surprise I got it in like 4 days. It went with me to the woods and I am happy to say, field dressed a nice sized Doe. It remained very sharp thru out the entire process, and cleaned up thoroughly (sometimes the deer fat just will not come off easily), and quickly. Thanks for the prompt mailing, and a great product. Rating: 10/10

Michael T. Ellendale, MN

I bought a pair of your field tweezers last month, and they are the best tweezers I've ever owned. I work on equipment and ATVs, weld, fabricate, and everything else in the shop. Constantly getting burrs and slivers in my hands and fingers, and all the previous Chinese made tweezers I've owned are junk compared to y'all's. Gotta order some for some buddies next. They are absolutely worth the 8 bucks.

Jon E. Little Rock, AR

[When I talked to customer service,] the young lady was very polite and professional as was the manager. The first order of business was getting a shipping quote to Canada which was a pleasant surprise how affordable it was. I will order again.

Mark H. Niagara Falls, Ontario Canada

Awesome knife. Excellent build quality. I own 3 of them (one is the single blade design). I believe your products are extremely high quality - and that's based on my use of them. With the possible exception of a great custom made knife, I don't think there's a better made knife on the market.

Mike K. Milleville, NJ

I have the cowboy and rancher for EDC and both are FANTASTIC knives! Great steel and perfect fit and finish. Could not recommend enough!!

Adam P. Anonymous Location

10/10 Very well built, classy knife - American Bicentennial Knife

Scott, S. Athens, GA

10/10. I have been collecting lockback knives for about 12 years now. A friend from Santa Fe Stonework's gave me a A.G. Russell catalog 3 years ago while there on vacation. She told me I would really like these knives. Since then I have bought three knives and they have all exceeded my expectations. Would love to meet Mr A.G. Russell, I believe we speak the same language and I could learn from him. Thank you Mr. Russell for the beautiful, well made Knives. Lee

Lee M. Garyville, LA

I BBQ a lot for our family. Additionally, I am a Master Certified Judge for the Kansas City BBQ Association. A Chef or the head cook , at home, you shouldn't walk around the kitchen or patio carrying a Chef's knife. Your Camp Cook's knife is the perfect alternative. I bought one year ago, & another for my Son. Just bought your latest edition for a friend. When preparing a meal or cooking it, the cook frequently needs to cut something. Now, I just reach in my pocket. The "utility" of it is 100% in Industrial Engineering terms.

Richard M. Raymore, MO

I'm just writing to say that the Medium Folding Gents Hunter is amazing! I've owned hundreds of knives over the years, and this is without a doubt the smoothest opening lockback I've ever handled. Great fit and finish as well. Changes: The pocket clip tension is a little bit high, but only noticeable with thicker pant pockets.
Rating: 10/10. 
You've got the large gents hunter and the medium gents hunter. The natural next step is the mini gents hunter! A sub-3" blade would be great (especially for people who live in cities with blade length limits, like Los Angeles).

Brian, C. Los Angeles, CA

Dear Mr. Russell, I just want to send my thanks for such a fine pocket knife (K-93 Featherlite One Hand Folder). It is my least expensive A. G. Russell knife but it, like my other knives, exhibits great materials & craftsmanship. It is a true one-hand knife, it is extremely light in the pocket and the Japanese VG 10 steel blade is sharp and tough (I like the general purpose blade). It fits nicely in my hand and has become my every day carry blade whether I'm in jeans or shorts. I have retired my Russell Horn boot knife folder (bought in '98) to "dress" use. Thank you, sir!

Cyrus S. Elgin, AZ

The new Locking Wharncliffe is beautiful. I have waited and hoped for a locking wharncliffe for quite a while. As with other knives from your supplier in China, (I now have three), fit and finish are excellent. The steel is excellent; straightforward to sharpen and keeps an edge well. I believe that your AG Russell-branded knives from your Chinese supplier are the equal of any folding knife brand in, say, the under $200 cost range, and better than many. Thank you again for the new locking wharncliffe. It is a great knife.
Changes: Perhaps a bit larger handle design
Rating: 10/10
I also have the locking medium Barlow, and between the two, I believe you already have the best EDC pocket knives I can imagine.

Lawrence, W. Houston, TX

Received my A.G. Russell Wharncliffe Lockback a couple of weeks ago and this is one beautiful beefy blade! I've long been a Wharncliffe blade fan and the fit, finish, and balance in hand are amazing. The long nail pull mark is a nice idea, but I've not mastered the one-hand opening yet - maybe that will change with use. I usually go out of my way to avoid knives made in China, but Mr. A.G. is always so enthusiastic about this maker and now I understand why. Now if only y'all would bring back the locking medium Barlow, my collection would be complete! Rating 10/10!

Terry H. Canton, GA

The Cowboy is a great knife, excellent fit and finish. Will be buying more A.G. Russell knives. Rating 10/10. 

Scott C. Universal City, TX

I have nothing but praise for the A.G. Russell Folding Cook's Knife II. Its design and looks are great, the action on the knife is silky smooth. It took a little bit to be able to flick it out but I now have it down pat. It came very sharp and it push cuts without an effort. Overall I think it's a phenomenal knife and it surprises people when you pull it out of pocket and it turns into a chef's knife. Because I used to own a restaurant and I also cooked I am usually requested to join in the kitchen. Most of the time the knives have never been sharpened and are as dull as a movie about rocks. I do have 2 comments, first a knife this nice deserves much nicer packaging. Only cheap knockoffs come like this. Boker Magnum sells a knife similar to this for the same purpose and it comes in a very nice presentation box, that knife is only $23.00. The quality of this knife needs to be represented as such.
Second, the knife is very handle heavy, you can easily get rid of 2.5 to 3.00 oz by skeletonizing the liners. It is being done on knives from $20 to $2000.00. 
I am very happy with the knife and its fit and finish and I hope my suggestions have been helpful. Rating: 10/10

Michael J. Flushing, NY

Got my Vietnam Commemorative Ka-Bar today, sharp enough to shave, nice to get it so fast and it is just what I thought it would be, thank you all. I would not change a thing, wanted one of these ever since I came home from Nam...and for sure wanted the one honoring Vietnam Veterans.
Rating: 10/10

Granville H. Muldrow, OK

Wow! The CRKT Ripsnort exceeded my expectations. The response time was great. I placed my order on Thursday morning and received my knife on Saturday. I realize that living somewhat close to Arkansas helped. I am already planning my next purchase. Rating: 10/10

Mike R. Junction City, KS

I made my first purchase from AG Russell in 1976.  It was a Buck 501 folder the day he received them.  Since then I have bought many more knives from A.G. and I have never been disappointed.  [This Medium Folding Gents hunter I bought] is no exception.  It is everything A.G. says it is in his video on the full size model.  I ordered the G10 handle because of its durability.  I like the color and the feel in the hand.  It will be my new EDC.
I would like to see the nail mark made 1/8" longer.  I have to crimp my hand to get my thumb to the current mark.
Rating: 8/10

John S. Pflugerville, TX

I have bought several Featherlite One-Hand knives from you and received others as gifts. When the small knob used to "unlock" the opened blade to close the knife apparently broke off one of these, I called for a replacement. Your representative merely looked up my orders and found my address, politely assured me I'd be taken care of and 3 days later I had my part and my most-used knife in my collection was back in service - never a mention of payment. WOW! Many thanks. - Jim

James T. Carlisle, PA

The A.G. Russell K93-C One Hand Knife is the perfect size for true pocket carry, sans using a pocket clip. It's slim, lightweight and incredibly user friendly and very sharp but easy to sharpen. I carry it with me everywhere I go, around the house, yard or out to the woods.

Ethan E. Taloga, OK