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Customer Testimonials

CRKT Redemption - Just received it, lived it, and love it! Your catalog lists it as 4.25" closed. As I'm sure you've been told many times mine measures 5.125" closed. Thanks for the absolutely Terrific knife! Cheers to AG and CRKT. Rating: 10/10.

Lynn M. Olympia, WA

Bird and trout knife - Love this little knife! I like the idea of the sheath, but I like a leather sheath better. Do you folks know where I can purchase one? Rating: 10/10


A.G. Russell FeatherLite One-Hand Knife - I find this the 1st neck carry worth a darn.   Light,  less politically incorrect than most and much easier to deploy than needing to dig thru pockets.  In police work a knife becomes your most used tool.  Harder to lose than pocket carry knife. 
Rating: 10/10

Thomas H. Hollywood, CA

I own and use several Doziers, and have wanted one of this model for years. I finally ordered one with Coral Rucarta Scales (Dozier Straight Personal with Coral Rucarta Handle Scales DK-PESCR). The one I received was of typical high Dozier quality, and I really like the Coral Rucarta, but I was surprised that the scales did not include the thumb notches (not sure of correct term but referring to the ground depressions in the sides of the handle scales themselves as shown in the catalog pictures of all the Straight Personal handle choices}. Changes: This is a feature I would have really liked on this knife. Has it been discontinued? If so, I suggest bringing it back. If this is not possible, I suggest updating pictures or stating in the description that it is no longer available. Note: The 8 rating below instead of a 10 is based solely on this discrepancy between what was expected and what was provided. The Dozier workmanship is, as usual, excellent! Rating: 8/10

Eugene S. Petersburg, TN

1st impressions: this CRKT Stylus is going to be in my pocket when I'm in the casket. I am truely impressed with the build quality and it is stout. Out of the box it is razor sharp with an impeccable finish. And the weight is just right. I still have my very first folder from 65 years ago and I love this one. Perfect for my trout keepers. Dang! This Stylus is nice. Changes: The launch spring is bit strong but I prefer it that way. If your hands are wet you can forget trying to open it with one hand. On spring tension for example: The launch mechanisms on my Benchmade folders are way too weak and make me a bit nervous so I keep them in a sheath. Rating: 10/10

Keith D. San Dimas, CA

A.G. Russell V ceramic sharpener - A.G. knew what he was talking about when he promoted this product. A few swipes on the diamond rods and then than a few on the ceramic rods produced a razor edge on my CM154 blade in no time. I have had other sharpeners such as Lansky and Work Sharp. The V sharpener did more with better results in less time.   I will have to admit I was disappointed when I opened the box to find the toggle holding the ceramic rods in the base split in half. Some wood glue and changing the screw type from a cone shaped wood screw to a screw with a flat head made the product perfect again. I will be buying the field version for my chuck box and more to give away as gifts. I have been using and sharpening knives for 50 years. I am very impressed with this product. 10/10

James Z. Glenwood Springs, CO

Sunfish lock back - Excellent condition very attractive knife.  Rating: 9/10

Allan M. Salford, ZZ

Featherlite one hand - This is the best edc i have ever had. I've had it for less than 1 week. I have used it at least 50 times. Now i know why a.g. uses it as his favorite go to. I started buying from you 15 years ago, wish i knew about you before i wasted all my money on Bad products. High prices thank you. Rating 10/10

Mike M. Lawrence, MA

An order had failed to arrive at my home. I sent an email to the company about it last week, and Sonia responded at once. Sonia was very courteous and friendly when I spoke to her, and the replacement knife was shipped quickly, arriving today. This was another instance of outstanding customer service from A. G. Russell.

James B. Tucson, AZ

I have been a customer of both the knife and men's for years. This company cares more about their customers than any other company that I have dealt with online.

David M. Groton, CT

Customer since 70's I met AG one time in 77 at gun show San Antonio. He is a real American and very admired business man. Have followed Knives and Russells for Men as long as you have been around. Have always enjoyed remembrances of stories. Haven't been to your store yet but will get there sometime, did enjoy online store tour, thanks. Have collected knives since 1947 and have a few of your knives AG Russell brand. Stay strong and Prosperous.

Glrn S. Mcallen, TX

I was given a White River Sendero Classic with Oliver drab canvass micarta handle for Christmas. Comments: This is a beautiful piece. The sheath is fantastic. It comes in an impressive presentation box. Since it was offered through A G Russell, we believed it would be top drawer. Comment: The blade length to thickness makes this knife less than optimal for an all around hunting knife. The blade is about 1/6th inch thick. I’m a hunter and knife collector. This blade is only meant for light work in the field. I would suggest a thicker blade at this price point Changes: Make the blade thicker. Rating: 2/10.

Charles W. Hartwell , GA

Being a martial arts instructor (PMA Fayetteville, AR) and blade enthusiast, AG Russell and their patient, helpful staff have made them a one stop-shop, for anything blade related, even cleaning products for my sword collection. I've only been an AR resident for three or so years, but finding the AG Russell Store all but across the road, is a blade enthusiasts' dream come true. You guys keep doing what you're doing. I'll never shop for knives in any chain retail store, so long as your doors stay open. Thank you.

Jeremy T. Lowell, AR

AG Russell Damascus Stilleto folder with Sandalwood Scales - This knife exceeded expectations in ergonomics, and operation. Like many others, the only hesistation was, its made in China. However, these are manufactured by hard working folks, not the government, CCP, or PLA. Manufacturing in China makes this knife affordable. The blade steel is good, heat treatment is as important as the choice of steel in my opinion, generally. The Damascus pattern is beautiful, the sandalwood scales are good, The pocket clip is not a deep carry design, which is just fine. It is a liitle tight, sticking a very thin plastic shim under it will loosen it up some over time. The detent is absolutely solid, I have cut myself before with other flippers, reaching for back pocket carry, because of weak detents. My only complaint is not buying one earlier. This kinfe is a gem, the late Mr. Russell was a very thoughtful and clever designer, and very much missed. The video on the website was very well produced by the way. My thanks go out to each and every employee at AG Russell knives, and the talented folks in the factory. Razor sharp out of the box. Changes: Just more options for handle scale materials, in G-10 and/or micarta. A version in D2 steel or a CPM class stainless steel, S45VN and M390 are personal favorites. Of course, keep the current damascus offering. Rating: 10/10

Mark P. Concord, CA

Maserin Nimrod CF m390 steel - I like it all. Rating: 10/10.

Raymond H. Athol, MA

A.G. Russell Shopmade California Bowie Desert Ironwood - SMR-773DI - I like everything about it ! ! ! Changes: I switched the retaining strap to open the opposite direction, which was easy thanks to the design. Rating: 10/10

Ron J. San Bernardino , CA

I just wanted to say "Thanks" for the Spyderco Reinhold Rhino I recently received. It is a great knife and was purchased at a fantastic price for a discontinued Spyderco model. I was concerned at first because it was removed from the "Weekly Specials" listing after I had made the purchase, but then realized I must have gotten one of the few remaining ones in stock. I will continue checking out your listings and would definitely buy from you again.

Michael S. Huntley, IL

The New Version powerball #32--sandalwood //carbon fiber/D2--- I have many knives; some of the very best. My #32--- without doubt,this Russell knife is the finest assisted-opening knife, offered by anyone;anywhere. It is my EDC along with a compact .45 ACP. The 32 is so trustworthy and fast that while I use it for mundane tasks, I consider it, the 32, as my last resort. We are averaging a murder per night, quite near to me, but all over Davenport. Because of my notable legal career, I am well-known among the criminal community and my last car had 2 9mm bullet holes-I guess they could not lead when firing.. I am writing to suggest that the 32 be built as a 6 (nch bladed urban defensive weapon. I can carry my 32 everywhere, even though I have a Randall #1 Fighter and the serial numbered Gerber combat knives and many more. Though you offer a range of personal defense knives, carrying some is too obvious and many of the "flipper" knives cannot compare to my perfect #32--well, not so perfect being 2+inches too short bladed. The D2 is a perfect choice even if Dozier did not do the tempering. I can cut piles of cardboard and then bring it back to Wicked Sharp on a mounted leather , diamond infused strop; just 3-4 gentle strokes.. ! please consider this and pass it on to your engineers. I care for you Goldie deeply and still think of A. G. daily as I use a knife from you two. I hope I have earned your respect. Adding another 2+ inches to the large version will make it an ideal urban survival knife ) the added momentum would not make it unwieldy, but more powerful when desperate defense is required. With loyalty, affection and best regards, "Mike" T.
Rating: 10/10

Mike T. Davenport, IA

Folding Cook Knife II - I've enjoyed this knife a great deal. The construction is excellent, as is the design in most respects. I particularly like the thin blade and the very solid locking mechanism, with absolutely no play or wiggle. The belt clip makes this knife special--it's what attracted me to the knife in the first place and I probably would not have made the purchase if the knife had not been equipped with it. So far, I do like the steel which takes a good edge quickly. Changes: The knife is heavy, and in particular handle-heavy. I'd prefer the balance closer to the center but stll, I would not give up the knife's stoutness to accomplish this. The blade resists opening: very stiff, even after lubing. I've used the knife daily and this hasn't improved much. I will say, I'd rather have a stiff blade than a wobbly one, but I've had cheaper knives that had better action. My real concern, though, has been the thumbhole, which proves to be too small and too far back to leverage the blade open efficiently. I finally took this knife in my shop and enlarged/slightly reshaped the hole about 2mm and that made all the difference in the world. Please take another look at this thumbhole and consider making it slightly larger and farther from the base of the blade. Rating: 8/10

Michael M. Arcadia, MO

A.G. Russell Funny Folder - This is the third one of these I have owned over the past few decades. I seem to be able to keep one for about ten years before I lose it. I love the design of this knife! It is extremely practical, occupies little space in my pocket, holds an edge for a really long time. Unfortunately, this new one from China has such sharp edges on parts of the handle that it will wear through my pocket in no time. I will have to smooth those out somehow to carry it. I would rate it a "10" if it were not for this problem. Changes: I would pay $10 more if you had it made somewhere other than China. Please hide the word "China" somewhere else so I don't have to see it every time I use my knife. The outer handle is missing one final step in the finishing process: all edges need to be slightly smoothed to keep from wearing holes in my pocket. I will include a photo showing how the sharp handle edges can scrape up fingernail shavings. Rating: 8/10

Royal K. Anchorage, AK