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G-2 Stainless

When seen on the blade of an older Spyderco knife it means one thing, used today it means a Gingami (Japan) steel of very high quality.



Man-made handle material.


General Purpose Blade

Term used by A. G. Russell for the very pointed droppoint designed for his series of "One Hand Knives".


Gerber Legendary Blades

A Portland OR advertising firm that decided to give their clients Christmas gifts of kitchen knives in the late 1940s. Very shortly that tail began to wag the dog and Gerber Legendary Blades is a huge company. Now owned by Fiskars company of Finland.


German Silver

A alloy of copper, zinc and nickel. also known as Nickel Silver.



A stainless steel with slightly less Carbon, slightly more Chromium, and much less Molybdenum than ATS-34. GIN-1 has no Nickel, Tungsten or Vanadium. Slightly softer than AUS-8. Also known as Gingami-1.
Carbon-0.90%, Manganese-0.60%, Chromium-15.50%, 



The short stabbing sword of the Roman Legions. The blade was 18-24 inches long.


Goose Wing Axe

The most beautiful of the Bearded Axes, most often seen as a Northern European axe sharpened one side only for squaring timbers.


Grafting Knife

Has a spey style blade with an ivory or bone spreader at the butt of the knife.


See Hilt.

Gunstock Handle Shape

Shaped like a rifle stuck.