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Randall Knives

Handmade knives by a small firm founded by W. D. Randall in 1938. Owned and operated since 1976 by Gary Randall, son of founder.


Randall, W. D.

Inspired by a Scagel knife in the 1930's Bo, (as he was called) was the second successful maker of hand made knives in this century.



A long thin sword meant for thrusting, Early versions were double edged and could cut as well as thrust, later models were only for thrusting. The art of fence developed and the rapier followed, it got longer then shorter. It began with the "Broad Sword" of the 15th Century and ended as the "Small Sword" of the 18th Century and then the Epee of today.


Recurved Blade

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When the edge of the blade is shaped like an S. It can be thought of like a very large serration. Recurved blades are excellent at slicing and rope cutting. 



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This is the opposite side of the knife than the obverse side. Knives are usually marked on the obverse rather than the reverse.



The flat area above and behind the hollow or flat ground area of the blade.



The C scale which is used for measuring the hardness of tool steels is measured by pressing a diamond a precisely measured distance into the steel. These measurements can be understood throughout the world.



The handle is spool-like with a round disc as hilt and as pommel.



Man made material. that offers attractive appearance, great strength and durability. Phenolic resin and layers of cloth. A trademark of A. G. Russell™ Knives



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Founder of The oldest Mail-Order Knife Company; founder and President of "The Knife Collectors Club", the oldest knife collectors organization. One of principle founders and Honorary President of The Knife Makers Guild. First inductee into the Knife Digest Cutlery Hall of Fame and an Inductee into the Blade Magazine Cutlery Hall of Fame. No longer active as a knife maker but very active as a knife designer and knife buyer.



President and driving force behind vigorous growth of The A. G. Russell Knives, Inc. mail order company. Her catalogs have influenced the entire catalog industry.


Bob LovelessRWL-34

RWL-34 is named after the world famous knife maker Robert (Bob) W. Loveless. Bob Loveless designed, popularized, and invented many fashions, trends, and designs in knives. One of those was RWL-34. Bob Loveless enjoyed using the Japanese ATS-34 from Kobe Steel. Bob directed Pelle Billgren, founder of Damasteel, to ATS-34 - and what they made was an improved stainless steel using their unique powder metallurgy technology, creating an exceptionally high quality and high purity steel which was named RWL-34.

RWL 34's alloy composition is as follows: Carbon - 1.05%, Manganese - 0.50%, Silicon - 0.50%, Chromium - 14.0%, Molybdenum - 4.00%, Vanadium - 0.20%.