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Customer Testimonials

Your customer service was wonderful! The lady who took my order was very pleasant. I was surprised to hear a thump on my porch to find the knife had been delivered already. The knife is the Randall Model 1 Fighting Knife with a 6" blade and stag handle arrived in perfect condition. I have always wanted a Model 1, and to find it in the Cutting Edge catalog at a great price was amazing. I can't wait to see what I find in the next catalog. I was totally pleased with how I was treated in my dealings with your company. Thank you so much.

Darrell S. Afton, TN

Thank you A.G. Russell for promptly answering my question. All items I have purchased from the A.G. Russell Company in the past have always been as described, carefully packed, shipped promptly and arrived safely. For the most part, these have been working items for daily use. Fit and finish has always been exceptional. The A.G. Russell Shopmade Bowie I purchased fully met all of my expectations. A dazzlingly beautiful thing. It was purchased as a memorial gift to a good friend when his father passed away recently. I had the blade engraved with his father's birth and death dates. As always, this was a most satisfactory transaction with the A. G. Russell company. I will look forward to more suitable purchases from the A.G. Russell company in the future.

Edward, B. Albany, GA

After receiving a recent order, I want to commend A.G. Russell on a number of levels. First, it is absolutely refreshing to call you and have a real-live, courteous human answer the phone. Orders are processed promptly and professionally, and with no infuriating dealing with an automated telephone system. Recent orders have been shipped 'lightning fast' with on-line tracking and reasonable shipping fees. Whether the item is one of your AGR branded items, or a knife made by another maker, it is always top quality, as described, well-priced, and usually exceeds expectations. What's not to like?

Jim S. Port Orchard, WA

I purchased the Roper Ozark Drop Point Hunter. It is inexpensive and surprisingly solid. The antler crown guard obstructs the sheathing of the blade. The frog approach is interesting, but forces the handle too far away from the body to be secure. I think this maker has promise, and would like to see more products from them.

Dave, G. Merrimack, NH

I enjoy your company, catalogs, print & internet, notes from A.G. and everything about A.G. Russell. I am a small customer from back in late 70's-early 80's and just read your note about Hen and Rooster and felt like I just needed to let you know about how I feel. I am pretty sure that Goldie gets the credit for the art work, and even though sometimes I cry and moan to myself thinking shipping is too high, every print catalog makes me feel like a kid at Christmas and I want one of everything. I live in Texas and was working in Arkansas way back then and didn't really know who you were at the time, but I bought a kitchen knife and stone and gave it to my friend for his wife to use in the kitchen. With all my moving around I didn't see him real often, but he always told me that was the best knife he had ever owned. After his wife died the first thing he would say to me whenever I would see him was, 'Remember that knife you brought me from Arkansas?'

Mack M. Gilmer, TX

The Ultimate Pen Knife is clean, simple, and a real knife.

Bob Dozier St. Paul, AR

I ordered a Curved Regular Jack Zulu Spear Blade (now discontinued) and after a couple days noticed the blade moves when closed. I sent it back and in little over a week I had it back. Outstanding turn around. I cannot wait to order another knife. Oh, the knife was made beyond belief. Fit and finish is beyond belief. Especially considering the price. A.G. Russell rocks.

Nathan M. San Antonio, TX

I just got A.G. Russell Gentleman's Frame Lock Folding Knife. I like it overall so far. I wanted a titanium frame knife at a reasonable price and this knife is that. I like the blade and the frame-lock design. The deep pocket clip does not work as well as I would like because the clip's screw is not flush with the scale. Which is disappointing because I prefer this method of carrying the knife.

Frank R. La Grange, TX

Your customer service is great! I bought the Canal Street Corn Husker. I wanted special shipping via Fed-x , no signature, and OK to leave on my porch. Went perfect. Package came on time as promised. Packing was equal or better than any I have seen. Your rates for expedited deliver ( 3 days or so ) are very reasonable. Most important, the knife is a real beauty!! Your catalog was right, very pretty and unusual handle. I like A.G. Russell and will be doing more business in future. Shipping now works according to my preference (NO USPS). Overall you folks are an 'icon' in the industry... and carry quality products not available through other online vendors and your prices are competitive too... so if we were giving grades, I say you merit an 'A'.

Peter, G. Elk Grove, CA

I bought several knives from your company over about 20 years, and never had a complaint with knives or quality. I loved most of them, that CIA-type double-edged boot knife was a winner in my book. I did have a tussle with a Bird & Trout knife that had a very thin blade. I kept stabbing myself through the sheath. When I talked to A.G., he said send it back for a refund so I did. No problem, happy customer. I have bought from Dozier and Keith Murr for many years, you carry quality products. Over the years, I have mentioned A.G. to Hunters and Outdoors men and we all agree, keep it up!

Douglas, W. Kemp, TX

I bought the War Eagle Jigged Bone Barlow. It's a beautiful, well made knife at a very reasonable price. Nice bone scales. Good clean knife.

Rich, S. Culpeper, VA

My wife and I have ordered many knives, of various sorts, over the course of many years. We have been extremely satisfied with all the knives we have ordered. Your shipping service is OUTSTANDING! We are usually told by the sales associate that the order will arrive within 7-10 days. It has ALWAYS been received much sooner! On one occasion I had a comment about a high-end knife I ordered and addressed this concern in writing. To my great surprise, I received a response within just a few days, from Mr. Russell, personally, fully addressing to my satisfaction the issues I had with the knife. In short, A.G. Russell is, in my opinion, a very reliable, dependable and professional organization, and a real pleasure with whom to conduct business. W. G. T. Lt. Col. U. S. Army, (Ret'd)

William T. San Jose, CA

The design of the Smooth White Bone Small Doctor's Knife is outstanding. The parallel sides of the handle make it a very clean piece. The scalpel blade is the first time I have ever seen one in a folder and it's very nice. Also the striker pin (I'd call it a stop pin) and the modified blade tangs to accommodate it. It has a very high quality finish. I have several A.G. Russell knives that I like very much but this one tops them all.

Frank, J. Eureka, CA

Just wanted to tell you how pleased I am with the price, quality and associated value of this Smooth White Bone Small Doctor's Knife. I am a long time customer and have never been disappointed by anything I've ever purchased from you. But this one in particular is outstanding. Opened the package, checked it out and it will be in my pocket from now on. Sometimes I'll buy something from you with the idea of possibly giving it to someone as a gift at some point. But not this one! Mine!

Lou, G. Page, AZ

Sometime in the 1970's I responded to an ad in The American Rifleman magazine and ordered a stag handled two blade congress pocket knife. I had never heard the name Hen & Rooster but went ahead and took a chance. I like to believe that was my first dealing with A.G. Russell. It was a beautifully made knife and I carried it for years. Recently I decided I needed a new knife and checked out the Russell site and found the perfect one to replace the aging friend I've been carrying. I am a user and not a collector so my purchases are few and far between but once again I took a chance and ordered the Serpentine Stockman. In many ways it reminds me of that old H&R. It is very well made. There are no gaps anywhere, the blades are tight and the Spey is shaped in a way that makes it somehow more usable. I like the extra touch of stop pins as well. One more thing it has in common with the H&R is that it is as clean and polished on the inside as the outside. Apparently a lot of thought and pride went into the designing and manufacturing of this knife as I am sure is true of all of your products. For those that hesitate pulling the trigger on a purchase because of it's origin I can only say that while China is on one side of the pocket blade of my stockman, the name A.G. Russell is on the other and that is far more important and good enough for me. Thanks for taking the time to read this lengthy ramble and I hope for you all a most happy and successful New Year.

Rodney S. Ridgefield, WA

Great customer service, polite and very helpful. Fast shipping on two fine Dozier knives.

Robert G. Pownal, VT

I love my Folding Cook's Knife, I use it all the time, I like showing off when cooking with it, cutting onions so thin but still together, no one can believe it is a folding cooking knife. It does everything its bigger brothers do, but with pride on a very sharp knife that does everything I ask of it.

David V. Wheeling, WV

For over 3 years know I have carried the A.G. Russell Cowboy pocket knife 6 days a week (on Sunday I replace it with the dressier single blade Sowbelly with Brown Rucarta). This knife is rugged and the federal shield gives it a touch of class. It takes a good edge. I have only had to sharpen it twice after hard use. Most of the time all it needs is stropping it on the bottom of my ceramic coffee mug a few strokes to bring it back to shaving sharp. The quality is excellent. After 3 years of constant use it still opens and snaps shut like a bank vault.

Paul B. Holly Springs, GA

I received an A.G. Russell One-Handed Knife right after graduation from high school (1988) as a gift. I always had it with me when I could. I never had a single issue with it until I lost it. The quality of that knife was equal or superior to any I have owned since.

Russell W. Cloquet, MN

I have been an A.G. Russell customer for more than 35 or 40 years. My experience began with a Morseth blade that came in a kit and I have been to at least three locations of A.G. Russell in Springdale and Rogers, AR. I've never been dissatisfied with the service and that is more than I can say about ANY other association. I never miss visiting the store when in town.

Ian O. Stamps, AR