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Customer Testimonials

A.G. Russell Gentlemen’s Pen Knife - Build quality and fit and finish WAY better than anything I’ve seen from Case in recent years. Snap and walk and talk is great. Very well engineered. Stag is scale is flat with a bit of color. The other is convex and smooth, almost like whale bone. Happy to have snagged two copies! This knife would be beautiful in stabilized blue oak! Rating: 9/10

Robert G. Township of Washington , NJ

A.G. Russell Wharncliffe Lockback AGLB-CW13S - This is a beautiful knife design perfectly executed.  The smoothness of the mechanism and the fit and finish are amazing, especially at this price.  It is equally at home cutting a piece of line, whacking off a chunk of Jarlsburg cheese or slicing a pear at lunch.  While this knife is made in China, I don't know what about this knife could have been nicer had it been made in a custom shop here in the U.S.  I particularly like the Wharncliffe blade shape and how easily the knife opens with one hand without any annoyingly protruding thumb studs or holes in the blade.  I would like to see this feature incorporated in more of your lockback designs. It saddens me that Mr. Russell has passed and is no longer able to give us such brilliant knife designs. Rating: 10/10

Robert D. Milford, CT

Razorlite EDC - I would rather the pocket clip be the other direction. Not point up when you insert it into your pocket. It actually cut my palm when it opened up when i was putting my hand in my pocket. Any other pocket knife has the point facing down when clipped into your pocket. Changes: Put pocket clip on other end of knife. Rating: 1/10


Received my order - Beck Dropoint Knife. Beautiful knife (and sheath). Customer service, packaging/presentation - all first class. My compliments! Have a great holiday season! Tks/Mike

Michael R Pittsburgh, PA

AG Russell Safety Axe - The edge of this hatchet had a pronounced "edge", and a nick.  It took a fair amount of work with a "stone" to clean it up.
I had a previous hatchet from you that was made in Germany and it was sharpened correctly.  You should "talk" to Taiwan and your people about the quality control of their/your products.
PS:  I do appreciate your customer service.   Changes:
Improve quality control  of products made in Taiwan.  Improve the inspection of products received from Taiwan.  
Maybe go back to Germany ?
Rating: 8/10

Carl B. Gold Creek, MT

I am here to talk about AG Russell, his own self.  I first started buying knives from AG back in the early 1980s.  Of course, everything back then was done mail order or over the telephone.  I still have and cherish a couple Sting variants, a One Hand knife from the first run, and an assortment of sheath knives from those days.  I've bought more than a few other knives from him since then, of course.  I never have met AG face to face, but I talked on the phone with him several times and exchanged a couple emails.  My takeaway point, and yours, is that he is a cordial gentleman who never puts his name on junk.

Joseph D. Beaver Falls, PA

I am a bit of a knife enthusiast. I have to say that this A.G. Russell Gunstock Lockback with Cocobolo Handles is one of the best knives I have ever purchased.  The action is clean and smooth.  The size and overall fit and finish is outstanding. The knife is super clean inside and out. This is one I will I pass down to one of my kids.  Worth every penny! Rating: 10/10.

Jeffrey Lanz Eugene, OR

Dear President of A.G. Russell Company,
I have been collecting knives for almost 60 years.  I do not normally hunt down a way to get out my extraordinary World Class  overall rare experience from a purchase or numerous purchases from anyone I do business with.  This memo is the result of my latest purchase this past week and how consistently fantastic from ordering to package receipt your company has earned my highest personal rating ever.

Your company is so buttoned up in EVERY AREA that allows this highest rating to be possible.  Please know I will be doing as much business possible going forward with the A.G. Russell Company - in all areas of product offerings - from New Knives - Knife Accessories - Russell’s for Men Catalogue Products & Cutting Edge Collector Knives.

I want to close by stating - PLEASE CONTINUE DOING WHAT YOU ARE DOING IN EVERY AREA FROM START (Order) to Finish (Product Receipt) & your Catalogues for Men (which is for Men & Women - because my wife grabs your catalogues before me for perusing & ordering ideas) and the Catalogue for Cutting Edge Knives.  Bottom line, I hope this memo
accomplished what I intended it for - to pass on GOOD NEWS - “That Good Thoughts - Good Actions Always Produces Extraordinary Results!”  — and I really hope other potential customers will give A.G. Russell a chance to experience the “Very Best” of what other companies just cannot execute.

Best Regards,
Martin M.

Martin M. Jacksonville, FL

I think the quality is great for the price but the design of the knife falls short of the mark!  the handle length is not suitable at ALL for a med- large hand.  therefore looks great sitting on my bookcase shelve but I would say it wont get used much.  Should it get redesigned  let me know and maybeI would give it another shot since the service seems to be good! Rating: 5/10


Just wanted to thank you for your quick response to my return - that's good service - Denny
Rating: 10/10.

Denny K. Topeka, KS

Boker Arbolito Small Stag Handled Bowie--BO-A291S - I like everything about this knife except the blade is 6-1/2" and the handle is 3-3/4". The specs say 6" blade  and 4-1/2" handle, which would have been perfect given the re-drawing of the knife. The knife is perfect for a small hand (ladies) but not for medium to large size hands. I would make sure knives sent out were to spec. In this case the handle is too short for the average hand. Fair price for this knife, as it currently stands, is $125 @ best not the $175 that was paid. As stated in another review of this knife if this not the standard I will gladly send back for a replacement. Rating: 4/10

Jerome C. Oneida, TN

I received my replacement leather sheath yesterday.  It was the exact color that I wanted.  
Thank you for the rapid response and your  friendly customer service.

Al C. Golden Valley, AZ

AGR Featherlite one hand knife VG-10 General Purpose Imperfect/Seconds - Time is valuable. I'm spending too much of my time trying to figure out what is wrong with this "imperfect" knife. Writing may help in getting me to stop looking at it. I cannot find anything wrong with it. Rating: 10/10.

Joseph B. Suffolk, VA

The FeatherLite K-93C10 is VERY impressive to me, and I have owned hundreds of knives. The heat treat on the VG-10 is very good and the factory edge is the very best I have ever seen on a production knife. I see why it is called the featherlite. It is so very, very light. It is delightfully thin and slices very well. I dare say it is better than a similar knife that people have been bugging out about over the past few years. I am now a believer in the AG Russell brand. Rating: 10/10.

Freddie P. Dawsonville, GA

The 2-K93C Featherlite One Hand Knife -8A- It's too sharp! I cut myself practicing opening it! LOL Just kidding! Changes: Nothing. Seems like a great knife for general carry. I don't cut stuff much so I don't anticipate using it often but for casual carry, especially it being quite light, I will carry it regularly and see how it goes. Thanks for such a great inexpensive knife. Rating: 10/10.


I just noticed that the "mirror finish" of my blade displayed what appear to be grinder marks on both sides. Unfortunate. Still, a nice knife overall. I'd prefer NOT to see crude grinder lines in the "mirror finish." Rating: 6/10
[This was a clerical error on our staff's part. The blade is a Satin finish not a Mirror Polish.]

Dwight R. Athens, GA

Boker Plus Steel Mariner - I’ve not seen many Boker fixed blades. This is only the second one in my possession. I should note first that the knife is very nice; but more on that in a minute. The sheath is a bit of a puzzle as the belt clip is worthless. How they came up with this design is a mystery. It is configured for horizontal carry with only two screws and is impossible to use effectively. I put the belt clip back in the presentation type box just in case this knife is ever sold. The new owner can at least have the benefit of seeing all the pieces and make his own decision. However, I have no intention of selling the knife. That may end up being my grandson’s decision when he inherits it.
As for the sheath proper, it retains the knife very securely so much so that the knife can be hung upside down. And there are loops and holes which will allow the unit to be mounted effectively on a back pack. As a dive knife, which this is, the alternative carry would need to utilize nylon straps with a buckle. As a defensive carry the only feasible method would be a nylon shoulder strap with locking hooks at each end secured in the two holes – one closest to the blade handle and the other at the sheath tip. The angle would provide a cross draw from a handle down and slanted position. This is quite effective though very obvious to observers unless you are wearing a button down something over it which, in hot weather, is not always ideal. Otherwise, the knife and sheath can be stored somewhere accessible as is. An alternative would be to purchase a leather or nylon aftermarket sheath to your liking. There are many available.
The knife itself is very nice. It is made of 440C steel which many folks today consider out of date compared to the new, expensive super steels. That’s a shame since 440C is and always was a very good steel and is inexpensive compared to today’s modern steels. For a dive knife it is ideal; and this knife is coated everywhere except the cutting edge with a titanium finish. The grip and feel of the knife is very nice. I would be reluctant to throw it, however, because the grips are only secured with two small screws. But as a fighting knife it should do well as a backup. Drawing it from the sheath requires a hefty pull since it is secured tightly; and that is why any carry method must be substantial unless you opt for a different sheath.
All in all, I rate the knife10, the sheath 5 and ½, and the belt clip 0. But for my purpose the knife is a keeper since I’m pretty good at improvising. Overall rating: 7/10.

John W. Brackettville, TX

Ceramic V sharpener - I like that I found an easy to use product that can actually sharpen my kitchen knives! I like how it is easy to store the rods in the base.  The whole thing is compact enough to be able to store easily, and big enough to sharpen big knives. I would have liked to have an eraser come with it. I didn't watch the whole video before buying so I didn't know I needed one. Apparently they are cheap but it would be so convenient to have it come as part of the product. Rating: 9/10.

Mikayla H. Roanoke, VA

Boker Plus Stag Hunter - I have never been a Boker fan; but this knife is probably the finest example of their work. I have several Spanish knives made in Spain and can attest to their beauty. This knife was also made in Spain. I'm a big fan of 440C steel. I am very pleased to have this very limited blade. Everything about it is spot on perfect including the sheath. Thank you for having it available. I'm certain others will enjoy it as much as I. Rating: 10/10.

John W. Brackettville, TX

Mantis Knives Gearhead in brass. OK, very cool knife. I was a 'Steam Punker' before there was such a term! This planetary gear knife fits the bill. The locking liner device did not work correctly and I had to bend the lock a little to make it work. The action is cool when not using the lever. I am old and have arthritis and the lever is a bit hard for me.  I realize the lever will be a bit stiff until broken in a bit. This is a lovely knife, and something I wanted for my collection. I will keep it in running order, that is a promise. Rating: 8/10

Kathleen E. Snowflake , AZ