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Customer Testimonials

Boker Arbolito Stag Bowie. I liked the unique "serpentine" design of the bowie knife blade and I'm a big fan of almost anything with a stag handle. You don't make a big enough deal about the fantastic sheath that comes with this knife, it's actually a huge selling point all on it's own.
Rating: 10 / 10

Jonathan F. Quarryville , PA

Talked to your Customer Service twice, they are a pleasure to deal with. Really liked they called to verify order for an expensive item.

Mark V. Hannibal, MO

Just wanted to pass along a message that your Customer Service Rep. was  very, very helpful and a pleasure to work with. Also, I would like to pass along my impression of the K93 Featherlite. This is a truly wonderful knife. I have had it for a few days now and am very impressed. I believe it represents a terrific value and will surely serve me well for years to come. Finally, I would like to say that one of the reasons I purchased this knife was the fact that A.G. Russell sent 11,000 to our troops overseas. Any company that is willing to support our armed forces can have my money any day. Keep up the great work. You have a customer for life.

Joseph P. Naples, FL

I got the A.G. Russell Cowboy. Impressed straight out of the box. Great finish, feel and size and weight. Fits in pocket comfortably and sharp. Fantastic value for money. Rating: 10/10

Leon O. Elsternwick, ZZ AUS

I have always gravitated to traditional slip joint knives. Having hundred of variations of locks and deployment styles I still can’t kick the ‘old fashioned ‘ feeling that comes with a quality slip joint. When I opened the box and held it in my hand I just didn’t feel that the video I watched before the order did this knife the correct amount of justice. This is an ample knife in hand and the thing that I absolutely love is the ability it pinch the blade open with either hand... and there isn’t much blade showing when it’s closed. There are no half stops but what I noticed is the blade will not snap shut until about 80 percent closed. This is a great safety plus and how ya did it I don’t know unless this is a mistake and I own the only one... but I’m definitely happy. The wharncliff blade is the perfect size for all utility tasks. I don’t ever care about steel type as I feel most knives will outlast the owner with even the most modest of care. It’s a knife not a screw driver or chisel... different tools. This is a flawless and beautiful knife for under a hundred bucks... yup you can pay a lot more for a lot less... believe me I know. I have my eye on a few more A.G. Russell knives. This one will be in my pocket for quite a while. Thanks for a quality and affordable product. Rated 10/10

Teddy F. Hopatcong, NJ

In the latest version of the A.G. Russell Knife catalog (Spring 2019) I was very happy to read that A.G.’s new designs will continue to be released into the near future. I’ve loved A.G. Russell knives for decades, from the first Sting that I used to skin small game in Africa as a boy to the latest knife I purchased, the Wharncliffe Lockback. I have one humble request as you bring these new designs to fruition: I’m left handed, and there are very few left handed knives on the market today for southpaw knife enthusiasts. A.G. once spoke to me in the shop about this and he assured me that many of his new designs would accommodate left handed carriers, and then he showed me the prototype for the Folding Gents Hunter (which I later bought once it was released!) I just ask that you keep us lefties in mind as you move forward with his designs. I’m loving the look of the new Sodbuster with the reversible pocket clip. Thanks for all you do to take exceptional care of your customers!

Cory C. Poteau, OK

Congratulations on the design and manufacture of the Black Dragon.  I have been looking for a long time for a folder (EDC) that had a hunting, fighting, work size blade that did not weigh too much.  A lot to ask of a blade of this size.  But, you did it.  It is thin but strong. Disappears in the pocket but does not crowd it.  This is a serious blade in a serious package at a price point that is terrific. Rating: 10/10.

Moses S. Carthage, NC

Just letting you know several years ago I purchased one of AG's original handmade knives.  For reasons I cannot explain, I have just dressed our 12th deer, fully, and the knife still shaves hair off my arm. My wife and kids are amazed and it's now the talk of when will the knife finally lose some edge.  AG was in a zone when he ground this knife.  I am sure he is grinding knives for all of God's angels in Heaven now.  He was truly gifted.  I own Lile and Dozier knives as well.  This one just continues to amaze.  Vint Valley Ranch, Llano, Texas.... All the best, Rick

Richard V. Dallas, TX

Very, very friendly and personal service. Kendra went way beyond the norm and actually sent me a photo of several Kershaw Leeks from which to choose. For purchases of this nature, that kind of customer service will win return sales. Thank you Kendra. I thank you AG Russell.

Scott W. Urbandale, IA

Among the many A. G. Russell knives and products I have purchased over the years I still have the first knife I purchased. It is a Morseth folder with cocobolo scales that I bought from A, J, himself at the SHOT show in Houston Texas in 1986. I understand that that knife with the cocobolo is somewhat rare. I'm still like a kid getting a present whenever the catalog arrives, My sincere condolences to Goldie and all of the Russell family. Don R.

Donald R. Houston, TX

I've been a fan of AG Russell knives for quite a few years now.  I'm a deer and turkey hunter.  I'm kind of a knife collector, but I accumulate good quality working knives, not super high end custom stuff.  One of my favorite knives was the original AGR deer hunter.  ATS 34 I think, but I could be wrong.  I sharpened it too much on a diamond stone and changed the blade shape.  I liked it so much I got one of the D2 and VG10 models when they came out.  This year the personal hunter in D2 and professional hunter in D2 caught my eye, and I got one of each.  Beautiful knives.   I've been blessed this year and have killed three deer.  Each time, I reached for my VG10 deer hunter.  Man I love that knife.  It keeps an edge and has a great shape.  I had a buddy ask me what I thought of those 2 new D2 knives I got this year, and I couldn't answer.  I also used the VG10 to skin a couple deer for friends.  Great knife.  I called customer service last year about something or another, and while I was at it asked them if you would ever bring back the AGR VG10 deer hunter, and they said you might.  I haven't seen them yet, but if you ever do I'd like three.  One for a spare for me, one for a dear friend, and one for a friend who just turned 79 and might not get to hunt much anymore.  I'll be watching.  Thanks for making such a fine line of products. And I really enjoy the knife sharpening videos on your website.

James R. Norfolk, VA

I don't usually initiate reviews on my own, but I am so impressed with the quality of my new Boxcar Jack knife that I had to say something. Please make sure your customers know that just because something is made overseas, it doesn't mean that the quality has to be compromised. This is a very well made knife, fit and finish are excellent; a really solid piece. I think this knife showcases what the Chinese factories are capable of producing.  It's not often that I purchase a knife that exceeds my expectations. Thank you for your attention to detail, and keeping the bar set high.

Peter E. Ridgefield, CT

I love everything about the A.G. Russell Hunter Scalpel. My brother is an avid A.G. Russell supporter and bought me my first A.G. Russell knife (the Hunter Scalpel) 5 years ago and its still on my keys everyday. I cant say enough great things about this knife and how it has made me feel so secure when I'm out and about alone. I get asked about it everywhere I go and sometimes feel like a AGR rep from how much I talk about this wonderful knife. My favorite part about this knife is not just the convenient size, but the way my keys weight aids in unsheathing it when I feel threatened. I feel strongly that this knife should be a part of every woman's key chain. Thank you A.G. Russell for making me feel safe when adventuring outside of my home! Changes: Not a thing, its absolutely perfect. Its high quality material, small size, and convenient unsheathing operation make for the perfect knife. Absolute-Genius-Product. Rating: 10/10

Brittany N. Oklahoma City, OK

The Medium Folding Gent's Hunter is a great knife! I got cocobolo and it looks and feels beautiful. this is one of your nicest knives. Rated: 10/10. The only changes I'd make would be to make the opening nick larger or even a flipper.

Iance W. Oakland Park, FL

Used my new Hunters Scalpel to help skin some squirrels, great knife for the job. Love the sheath. Should be useful for any delicate work.   Rating: 8/10

Ike R. Sacramento, CA

Just another thank you for your excellent  products and service! Long time customer, Neil G.

Neil G. S.F., CA

I absolutely LOVE the Light'n Bug! And I'm NOT a knife person. My father carried a small pocket knife his entire adult and teenage life -- a small classic yellow-handled kind. But I was never drawn to them -- until I saw an article on the Light n' Bug last year (I'm 65, now, and semi-retired). I love it's feel. I love its LACK of weight. I love its look-- every time I reach for it in my pocket, I think "This was one of the BEST purchases I ever made!" It feels like finding a small hidden Christmas gift every day that I use it.

Guy O. Hyattsville, MD

The A.G. Russell K93-C One Hand Knife is the perfect size for true pocket carry, sans using a pocket clip. It's slim, lightweight and incredibly user friendly and very sharp but easy to sharpen. I carry it with me everywhere I go, around the house, yard or out to the woods.

Ethan E. Taloga, OK

I have bought several Featherlite One-Hand knives from you and received others as gifts. When the small knob used to "unlock" the opened blade to close the knife apparently broke off one of these, I called for a replacement. Your representative merely looked up my orders and found my address, politely assured me I'd be taken care of and 3 days later I had my part and my most-used knife in my collection was back in service - never a mention of payment. WOW! Many thanks. - Jim

James T. Carlisle, PA

I made my first purchase from AG Russell in 1976.  It was a Buck 501 folder the day he received them.  Since then I have bought many more knives from A.G. and I have never been disappointed.  [This Medium Folding Gents hunter I bought] is no exception.  It is everything A.G. says it is in his video on the full size model.  I ordered the G10 handle because of its durability.  I like the color and the feel in the hand.  It will be my new EDC.
I would like to see the nail mark made 1/8" longer.  I have to crimp my hand to get my thumb to the current mark.
Rating: 8/10

John S. Pflugerville, TX