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Customer Testimonials

Light'n Bug - Edge needs to be polished more - easy to do.
Nice feel.
Remove the clip, extend the thumb button so that the knife can be opened with either right or left hand.
Break the edges of the scales sightly. The butt end edges are too sharp and a fine diamond hone took care of it. 
Call it the "June Bug."
Rating: 7/10

Henry R. Virginia Beach, VA

K12 in G-10. Really like the knife, lightweight and easy to carry. Good for light duty around the house and farm. The spring clip, made of titanium leaves a bit to be desired though. While I'm sure it saves some weight, it did not retain its shape or "spring", making it necessary to check that the knife has not slipped out of the pocket. I also have found it impossible to remove the torx head screw holding the clip on because the Torx impression is not deep enough to apply enough torque. Changes: Maybe a stainless clip would hold up better and retain its spring.
A small cap head screw would work better than the one used.

Rating: 7/10

Robert F. Lyndeborough, NH

Can't say enough good about those [European] nail clippers. I've had a pair in my pocket for years. Always handy, never let me down.

Roger W. Perry, NY

I like stag or bone handles, and have started to collect knives with white bone. It’s my chosen poison of the moment. I recently purchased a couple of the white bone Boker Barlow models you offered and gave one away as a gift. It went over extremely well. The A.G. Russell K-12 One Hand Knife is another of my favorites to take to the steak house. I have it in white bone. The waiter has taken an interest in it so I need to be sure to put it back in my pocket. This note is running too long, but I can’t help but tell you something with respect to carrying a knife to the steak house. We go to a local restaurant every Wednesday night, and have for 20 years or more. A tradition. I was amused to read, or hear Mr. Russell talk about cutting a steak and cleaning his knife in a glass of water. For decades, I have done the same thing, usually cleaning it in my iced tea glass and wiping it with a napkin. It gets some looks, but is fun to do, and effective enough until I get home and clean it with dishwashing detergent. The K12 is the best feeling knife I have ever held in my hand and is my favorite for steak-eating trips. I have also explained to the waiter or waitresses that cutting a steak with a razor sharp knife lets the juice stay in your morsel of meat. The sorry restaurant knives saw instead of slice, and the juice is squished into the plate. A person owes it to himself to make the best of the opportunity.

Paul S. Harriman, TN

I just received these three knives [Sea Skorpion, Vest Pocket Semi-Skinner, Rancher Lock Back] and have given them a close inspection. They arrived a day earlier than predicted by tracking and were packed very well.
Knife people talk about "fit and finish" a lot, to indicate the quality of the product's build. All of these knives are excellent in that regard, opening easily with silky smoothness and closing dead center. Those with a spring back (Rancher and Vest Pocket Semi-Skinner) close with a nice snap. The Sea Skorpion is an open-back frame lock. It is easily opened with the thumb and one hand. The action on it, as in the other two, is smooth throughout the entire pivot and is well secured with the frame lock. The back locks on the other two disengage easily. There is no side play in any of the blades and the fit 'n finish is excellent - smooth and tightly fitted across the back springs. With the blade open, there is a smooth, precision transition from the springs into the back of the blade. There are no flaws detected in the handles. They are beautiful knives, well made, and will be a joy to use. There is no break-in period required on these models; they operate as though they've been around for a long time. I have long expected such quality from your company and am happy to see that it continues. Good job, A. G. Russell! Rating: 10/10

Paul S. Harriman, TN

2-RUSCH12ES  Folding knife with hoof-pick. This is a lovely knife. I cannot find any aesthetic flaw in it, even though it is sold as a second. This is a great deal. Oh, I don't deal with horses, but anybody who has a car should be aware of the damage stones in the tread can do. Use the pick! All that buff stainless steel and stag Rating: 10/10

Edward E. Bethesda, MD

Sea Scorpion sailors knife. This is the first knife I've owned with a serrated edge. This morning I had to cut an old lady out of an upside down smoking car and the serrations went through both sides of the seat belt like going through butter. The build quality isn't as good as knives made in the states or japan. The clip spring should be better quality and the blade is starting to wobble. Nothing coming out of China seems to really measure up. Or maybe this one is a fluke. Rating: 5/10

David R. Onancock, VA

One hand opening folder. Stainless steel handle. I've inherited it from my father years ago, and your catalog does not seem to have a specific model number. It's only described as one handed folder (K87).
It's a great knife of great design, and a nice sleek fit. The only problem I've had with it, is that it's flat stainless steel handles have let it slip out of my pocket a few times unintentionally. But in slipping out of my pocket, I have an example of how well made the knife is and how good the quality of materials are. I lost the knife one time in the laundry, and there was also a magnet that fell out of my pocket too.  In the washing machine drum, the knife was held by the magnet on the inner edge for one entire year, being washed load after load after load. I thought I had lost it forever. Then one day in repairing the washing machine, I found the knife attached to the magnet on the inside lip where I couldn't see it. A Year's worth of washing, left no mark, or rust, or anything to damage the knife. All it needed was a little oil and it's the same as before. I think my father bought it maybe, 30 years ago.  It just goes to show, there's nothing like American made quality.

Glenn T. San Jose, CA

I got the Ti-Fist. I have modified mine a little bit. I wanted to be able to pierce better if needed. It's an excellent knife made with good materials. Best regards from France.

Jean O. France

I got the Stone river ceramic blade and sandalwood scales, SRG-AG2SW. When received, the very tip of the blade, only half a millimeter or less, had already chipped off. I more or less expected this to happen soon, just not that soon. However, the blade, new, isn't even as sharp as the cheapest steel blade I ever bought. The old Swiss Army knife blade that I sharpen on the back of my dinner plate performs better. That's a poor recommendation for the offered professional sharpening service. Finally, there's a shallow gouge in one of the scales that eluded polishing. (See the photo.) I've purchased a "cosmetic second" from you folks that's not as bad, considering that that one will probably be easier to touch up. I'm rating this knife as high as "fair" only because I like its design, and I still think I can correct the blade. I might be wrong. I would consider dropping this manufacturer.
Rating: 5/10

Marcus B. Austin, TX

AG Russell Large Folding Hunter - This is a large and sturdy, good looking knife. I bought four of them. Two delrin and two cocobolo. If you could make them with a stag handle, I'd buy Four more. Make it available with stag handle scales. Even at twice the price, I'm still a buyer.
Rating: 10/10

Jonathan F. Quarryville , PA

Timely shipping and the use of USPS
Faster delivery time using priority mail and much better pricing
Thank you

Frank K. Grants Pass, OR

After eyeing up the selection for quite some time I saw the Rancher Lockback and ordered almost immediately. I  picked it in the mail today and I’m extremely pleased with the fit and finish. It opens and closes smoothly and snaps satisfyingly open. The lock engages and disengages smoothly and there is little blade play when open. The bone is quite nice in hand and there are no unpleasant edges or burrs on the liners  or pins. I love the sodbuster pattern and the smart design features of this particular knife, such as the nail nick and stop pin, are excellent additions. This knife will certainly be spending quite a lot of time in pocket. Rating 9/10

Nick C. Enfield, NH

CRKT knives are perfect..!!!!

Brad B. Stephenville, TX

I wanted to tell you thanks for putting some affordable knives in your catalog. You are the most credible and decent retailer! I love to get your catalogs. I actually can't afford
to buy a knife every month, but I love doing business with you. You don't sell that crazy Nazi replica stuff like (you know who). I have the greatest respect & loyalty. Thank you very much!
PS: My wife Ann enjoys your catalogs, too. Respectfully, Robert K.

Robert K. Gasport, NY

The A.G. Russell Wharncliffe lockback has Beautiful fit and finish, no play in the blade or locking mechanism.  I like the way this knife feels in hand and really find it hard to believe the quality for the asking price! Rating 10/10

John D. Nassau, NY

Boker Arbolito Stag Bowie. I liked the unique "serpentine" design of the bowie knife blade and I'm a big fan of almost anything with a stag handle. You don't make a big enough deal about the fantastic sheath that comes with this knife, it's actually a huge selling point all on it's own.
Rating: 10 / 10

Jonathan F. Quarryville , PA

Talked to your Customer Service twice, they are a pleasure to deal with. Really liked they called to verify order for an expensive item.

Mark V. Hannibal, MO

Just wanted to pass along a message that your Customer Service Rep. was  very, very helpful and a pleasure to work with. Also, I would like to pass along my impression of the K93 Featherlite. This is a truly wonderful knife. I have had it for a few days now and am very impressed. I believe it represents a terrific value and will surely serve me well for years to come. Finally, I would like to say that one of the reasons I purchased this knife was the fact that A.G. Russell sent 11,000 to our troops overseas. Any company that is willing to support our armed forces can have my money any day. Keep up the great work. You have a customer for life.

Joseph P. Naples, FL

I got the A.G. Russell Cowboy. Impressed straight out of the box. Great finish, feel and size and weight. Fits in pocket comfortably and sharp. Fantastic value for money. Rating: 10/10

Leon O. Elsternwick, ZZ AUS