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 Outdoor Edge ChowLite
$13.95 OE-CWL20
A. G. Russell Steel Thumbnail
$7.95 RUL-OP1-CF
Benchmade SOCP Rescue Hook Black Sheath
Boker Plus COP Tool
$68.95 BO-P300
Boker Plus Tech Tool 1 black
$36.00 BO-P801BK
Boker Plus Tech Tool 3
$57.75 BO-P803BK
Boker Plus VAT (Vox Access Tool)
Boker Tech Tools 4
$69.00 BO-P806BK
CRKT 1911 Tool
$69.95 CL-R5100
CRKT C.S.T. Stripping Tool
$17.95 CL-9860
CRKT Eat'N Tool Black Finish
$6.95 CL-9100K
CRKT Eat'N Tool Silver Finish
CRKT Eat’N Tool XL
$11.95 CL-9110C
$5.95 CL-2055
CRKT Ken Onion Designed Survival Para-Saw
CRKT Spark’N Sharp
$18.95 CL-9081
Cattlemans Cutlery Ranch Hand Multi-Tool
ExiTool for Your Car
$19.95 CL-9030
Gerber Curve Keychain Tool
$12.95 GE30000071
Gerber Shard Keychain Tool
$6.95 GE2201769
Ka-Bar Becker Tac Tool
$126.95 KABK-3
KaBar Gun Tool
$19.95 KA1308
Kershaw PT-1 & PT-2 Tools
$5.95 KE-8800
Kershaw Ration Tool
$5.95 KE-1140
Kershaw Ration Tool - Orange
$6.95 KE-1140OR
Kershaw Ration Tool - Teal
$6.95 KE-1140TEAL
Kershaw Ration XL Tool
$8.95 KE-1145
Kershaw Select Fire
$34.95 KE-1920
Leatherman  Sidekick
$59.95 L-1429
Leatherman Brewzer Bottle Opener
Leatherman CAM Pocket Tool
$26.95 L-1798
Leatherman Carabiner Accessory
Leatherman Crunch
$109.95 L-6801
Leatherman FREE P2 Multi-Tool
$119.95 L-2636
Leatherman FREE P4 Multi-Tool
$139.95 L-2640
Leatherman FREE T2 & T4 Multi-Tools
Leatherman Heritage PST
$200.00 L-8325
Leatherman M.U.T. Military Utility Tool
Leatherman MUT Wrench Tool
$4.95 L-0365
Leatherman Micra
$29.95 L-6401
Leatherman OHT Multi-Tool
$89.95 L-831540
Leatherman Raptor
$79.95 L-1741
Leatherman Rebar
$69.95 L-1548
Leatherman Signal
$119.95 L-832262
Leatherman Signal Multi-Tool
$119.95 L-2735
Leatherman Signal Multi-Tool Aqua
Leatherman Skeletool
$64.95 L-830948-C
Leatherman Squirt PS4 Keyring Tool
Leatherman Style CS Keyring Tool
Leatherman Style PS
$34.95 L-1488
Leatherman Super Tool 300
$89.95 L-8311
Leatherman Surge
$129.95 L-830158
Leatherman Wave +
$99.95 L-832531
Leatherman Wingman
$59.95 L-1426
Maserin Multi Purpose Pry Bar Tools
Outdoor Edge Flip N’ Blaze Saw Combo
Outdoor Edge SlideWinder
$9.95 OE-SW10OR
SOG Baton Q1 and Q2
$26.95 SOG-ID1001
SOG Baton Q3
$51.95 SOG-ID1021
SOG Baton Q4
$79.95 SOG-ID1031
SOG Compound Leverage Power Lock
SOG Flint Survival Tool
$14.95 SOG-FT1001
SOG Hex Bit Kit
$12.95 SOG-HXB01
SOG MacV Tool
$9.95 SOG-SM1001
SOG Micro ToolClip
$22.95 SOG-TC1001
SOG PowerAccess Deluxe
$79.95 SOG-PA2001
SOG PowerAssist Satin
$77.95 SOG-S66
SOG Snippet
$29.95 SOG-SNP141
SOG Sync Belt Buckle Multi-Tools
$51.95 SOG-SN1011
SOG Wrench Set for Paratool
$4.95 SOG-WK
Spyderco ClipiTools
$33.95 SPC169P
Swiss Army Compact
$43.95 V-54941
Swiss Army Rescue Tool
$79.95 SAB-53900
Swiss Army Skipper Pro
$89.99 V-85032
Tactical Credit Card Ax
$24.95 SUR-TCCA