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Knife Articles

A.G. Russell explaining and talking to knife enthusiasts

General Knife Tips 

An important article with loads of good information for taking care of your knives.


Knife Characteristics Series

I am starting a new article series called Knife Characteristics. This series will explain some of the less technical aspects of knives and help users understand their tools and the decisions of the knife designers more fully. This list of folder terms may come in handy while reading Blade Characteristics.

1. Blade Facing & Belly

2. Recurved Blades

3. The Point

4. Blade Edge

5. Blade Grinds


Steel Articles

Understanding Rockwell

Stainless Vs. Non-Stainless Steel

DM-1 High Carbon Non-stainless Steel


Sharpening Articles

Knife Sharpening Guides

Knife Sharpening On Stones How To Guide

Pros and Cons of Different Sharpening Devices



Other Articles

5 Reasons Slip Joint Knives are Still Great

Buying Your Child's First Knife

Integral Blades - The Hidden Strength Within



Knife Terms

General Traditional Folding Knife Terms

Slip Joint Folders Parts

Lock Lever Terms

5 Types of Lockback Springs

Slip Joint Springs


Walker Lock