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Customer Testimonials

I love my Dozier Yukon Skinner. 10/10

Richard R. Braham, MN

A.G., Goldie, Family and Staff: I have been a customer of yours since 1997 and I think maybe even earlier. I have never been dissapointed in a purchase from your catalogs. Thank you for 20 years of exemplary service. Y'all are awesome.

Robert B. Corpus Christi, TX

The A.G. Russell Dozier Combat Folder is a factory production knife of the first quality. The D2 steel blade is a thing of beauty. The design, blade geometry, finish and grind are the best I have ever seen. The Dozier locking system, engages both the top and bottom of the blade very securely. The fine tolerances achieved are excellent. The knife is very large, but rides comfortably inside the waist band on my hip. Overall, this is a great design, extremely well executed, and priced very competitively. Thank you A.G. Russell

Randal S. Avenel, NJ

I wanted to say thank you. All too often we complain when something is wrong and not nearly enough when something is right. I have placed 3 orders recently. All arrived very timely, in great condition and the product, wow. A.G. Russell knives, Boker, Case and a few other brands - but all so beautiful! Thank you for your great service and product lines!

Donald S. Pennsauken, NJ

I received my Randall Model 14 today. I'm blown away with the product. I appreciate your time and your enthusiasm in your service. When I buy another knife, I will contact you first! Thanks!

Atonio T. Cayey, PR

I purchased your Russell Medium Lockback Barlow (Discontinued) several months ago and really like it. In fact I liked it so much I recently purchased another one! It is the only knife in my collection which I have a duplicate of. I really enjoy using the knife and wanted to let you know how much I appreciate it. I wish the lanyard tube was a bit larger but I used some smaller paracord and it works fine. Thanks again for a great product.

Jeff E. Brookfield, MO

Thanks for offering such quality knives for these great prices!

Bryan, F. United States

Your customer service representative was very kind and very helpful. She went out of her way for me and showed genuine concern.

William L. Pensacola, FL

Dear AG Russell,
I have always preferred to buy American products whenever possible. I've been very reluctant to purchase a knife made in China. To me, a knife is more than just a tool, they are an expression of who I am. They are that important to me. I received my Texas Ranger King of the Woods knife a few days ago. Any misgivings I had about a knife made in China are gone. This is a knife of the first quality. Beautiful fit and finish, superb blade, excellent grind, and shaving sharp out-of-the-box. The optional leather sheath is also superbly made - very high quality leather, expertly sewn, very tight and secure fit - like a fine holster.
Great job A.G. Russell!!!  Thank you so much for bringing us the highest quality products at affordable prices.

Randy S. Avenel , NJ

I just received my Dozier Professional Guides Knife. I am very happy with both the knife & how quickly it was delivered.

This is my second Dozier knife. I have a Canoe I bought directly from Bob in Atlanta a few years ago. I have knives from Jon Graham, Mike McRae, Newt Livesay, as well as knives from TOPS, Benchmade, CRKT, More, & that company that A.G. doesn't like, & I have to say that if anybody makes a better outdoorsman's knife than Bob I am unaware of it.
Joe R.

Joe R. Charlotte, NC

I have had the ceramic rods in the attached picture for some 40 years. For 40 years I have prayed that the rods would not break. I have traveled half way around the world with those sticks as they are the best sharpener I have found for keeping a knife maintained. I keep my Tony Bose made pocket knives with 440V steel blades razor sharp with those old sticks. And then you come with the perfect presentation for ceramic sticks. Thank you, thank you so much.

Juan M. Miami, FL

Rust Free is not thin and watery, it goes on thick and stays on. Doesn't run-off and make a mess. The best rust preventative I have ever used. Period.

Mike P. Chino Hills, CA

I thoroughly enjoyed the first 2 videos on sharpening. Looking forward to more.
Thank You.

Tim W. Lacey, WA

Dear Russell knives:
First off let me thank you for the great employees. They were helpful and patient! I had lots of questions and wanted to look at everything. The two sales ladies were great. I bought one of the A.G. Russell drop point hunter San Mai with Cocobolo scales (Discontinued). It's a beautiful knife, but the sheath is another issue. When I took it out of the wrapper and un-snapped the lower snap the snap broke. It is not a major big deal, I have a repair kit here and can replace the snap. I just wanted you to be aware of the issue. You have a great store, It's just a little too far from Texas. You could build number 3 in Texas. Thanks for letting me vent, (haha). Keith M.

Note from A.G. - Of course we offered to replace Keith's sheath, but he was happy fixing it on his own. And we only have the one retail store at this time.

Keith M. San Augustine, TX

Just received my Fruit Tester.... WOW! Big spey blade and super nice handle. As always, very impressed with the quality and value. A.G. Russell - You are the man!

David G. Chattanooga, TN

I received my NY Special knife today. Thank you so much for your incredibly prompt response to my order. What a great knife!!! What a great price!!! I couldn't be happier with your product. The fit and finish of this knife and sheath are incredible. Extremely sharp as received. Very good and uniform grind/profile on the edge. Superb workmanship. Great job A.G. Russell. Many thanks - Randy

Randal S. Avenel, NJ

I love it. (A.G. Russell Folding Cook's Knife II). I have been using it at home for all food prep duties while I get to know it. I bought it to take with me on the road as about six months of the year I'm away from home teaching workshops. I stay in apartments or hotels and one of the disadvantages of this experience is that they never supply a decent knife for food prep. The A.G. Russell folding cook's knife fits this need perfectly. It was extremely sharp out-of-the-box and I will be using my usual tools to maintain that edge. The depth of the blade means that cutting vegetables is easy and your knuckles are protected. The length of the blade is adequate to anything I've had to tackle so far. The handle is comfortable to use, the blade has a sufficient curve on it so that items like coriander and parsley can be minced by rocking, and the thickness of the blade means that it cuts cheese more easily than a knife with a thicker back.

Kit L. Greenwell Point, Australia

I have purchased many items from you. The War Eagle Locking Liner Folder has become my favorite folder. The blade is excellent and the overall quality of the knife is outstanding. Unlike many folders that have a finger guard/ flipper/ protrusion in the area of the hinge, this knife is smooth and does not dig into my hand when grasping to remove from pocket.

Thomas S. Veneta, OR

Dear A.G. --
Over the years I have purchased at least a dozen knives from you, and I have to say that my favorite is my most recent purchase, the carbon fiber-handle Light'n Bug.

Well done, A. G. and Goldie!

Matt G. Higganum, CT

I just received a Folding Gent's Hunter II (in Cocobolo) and it is a stunner! The design and fit and finish are fantastic. I really like the simplicity of the design, but the subtlety of the shapely handle scales and minimalist pocket clip and the way it is integrated into the frame and handle are examples of great design, sort of the "less is more" philosophy of one of the great architects from the past. Was the knife "cheap" Is it a great value at the price......... yes. A.G. and his Chinese Skunkworks can really hit em out of the park in terms of quality and value.

Jim S. Port Orchard, WA