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Customer Testimonials

For the last 25 years I have been an avid and appreciative reader of your wonderful catalogs. Informative, pleasing to eye and soul, and a "must read" whenever they arrive...I can not express how much I have enjoyed and learned from your commentary on the history, manufacture and design of fine knives. Sadly, I have cancer that will soon end my connection with using and reading about cutting tools. However, looking through the catalog that arrived today still brought a smile to my face! Your new gentlemans pocket knife in particular struck me as a very fine design. Thank you so much for the joy of knives you have introduced me to.

Craig V. Agoura, California

I have been dealing with A.G. and his company for over 30 years, and all I can say is, you can trust them. As their guarantee says, if, by some chance, you are not happy, they will bend over backwards to make you happy. In all this time, and through all those purchases, I have needed to send back a few items, over things beyond their control, but they took control, anyhow. I continue to buy from them for one reason only....TRUST....and that, my friends, is a mighty big word.

Lance B. Macon, Georgia

Hey! I'm just seeing the Sharpening Videos for the first time. So happy to see A.G. since we'd never met. A.G., you're a cool guy! Thanks.

Bill G. Topanga, California

The Serpentine Stockman is the best knife I have every owned. The Quality of workmanship is the best I have ever seen. You get what you pay for and more, which does not happen anymore.

Mark U. Wichita, Kansas

I had a great experience with your company. I placed an order a couple of days ago and I received it in a relatively quick time frame. I am satisfied with the knives I ordered. It has been awhile since I ordered knives from your company, but I felt like I was dealing with an old friend and picking up where we left off. I plan on ordering more knives from you in the future. I have learned a lot about knife collecting and knives in general from you and that was very important when I first started out so many years ago.
Thank you for what you do for the knife community.

Dan R. Bountiful, Utah

Aloha from Honolulu, HI. To the nice folks at AG Russell Knives - "Mahalo Nui Loa" (Thank you very much) for your expedient customer and mail service. I ordered a Spyderco Native 5 FRN Lightweight Dark Blue Folder on 09 Jun - Thursday. I received it yesterday (17 Jun - Friday) and am very happy with it! Please take care!

Russell A. Honolulu, Hawaii

Just received my Black Dragon and wanted to tell you how pleased I am. I saw this knife in a review in Blade magazine and thought that there was no way it could be as good as they had reviewed it. Boy, was I wrong. This has to be one of the best $45 dollar knives I've ever bought. The weight is great, the handles, even being as thin as they are give a good grip and the blade size and shape are about perfect for me. Shaving sharp out of the box. Good even grind. Blade well centered in handles. Came with two pocket clips, but I think I will stay with the one that came on it. Gives an extremely deep carry, cant see anything but the clip in the pocket. Blade opening is a little stiff right now, but it is already getting smoother. Think I will wait a bit before I loosen it. Would maybe have liked to have a blade stop, but for anything all of us warehouse commandos need a knife for, it think it will be more than sufficient. I still can't believe this is only a $45 knife. If I had seen this in a store in person I would have gladly paid half again that much and thought I was getting a bargain. I have a couple of A.G. Russell knives I got a long time ago, I think they were called One Handed Knives. They have a stainless handle with the lock integral to the handle (newest One Hand knife version has scales and titanium). Back then, I couldn't afford much, but I got these because I thought they were really cool. Still think they are. I don't know why I forgot about you guys, but I know I'm going to have to start keeping a closer eye on A.G. Russell knives from now on. If you can turn out a knife like the Black Dragon for $45, I can't wait to see what you do next. Again, please accept my sincere apologies for losing track of you guys, believe me when I say it won't happen again. Also, thanks for the great service. Only three days (not counting Sunday) from the time I ordered till the time I received my knife from AR to GA. Great service. Thanks again for re-enlightening me to A.G. Russell!

David V. Woodstock, Georgia

Rereading your guarantee in the latest catalogue inspired me to write. Your products are of such quality that one is hard pressed to put it to a test. I did lose a Dozier folder (very expensive) but that can hardly count. I bought your very first One Hand Knife (newest version) when it first appeared in the catalogue. Believe it or not, I once skinned a grizzly bear with it. The checkering has worn smooth on the brass stud, but it can still be opened satisfactorily.
It has been a pleasure to watch your company grow and to have a few of your fine products.

Dick S. Anchorage, Alaska

I received my Sea Scorpion today. Wow fit and finish perfect. Ease of opening perfect, the blade flips right out. Lanyard hole, pocket clip, and an extra clip I guess so you could mount it at the other end where the Marlin spike is; both blade and the marline spike use the frame lock style. Great value for the money. Cool factor is 10+ but A.G., your name is so tiny, I wish it was bigger on the blade.

Craig B. Trenton, Maine

I bought the A.G. Russell Small Dozier. What a great knife! I use a knife all day on the water and this one will be great.
Good size, not to big. Nice weight and well made! I could not be happier.

Peter T. Weston, CT

I have talked with at least four different customer service representatives, and that is the reason I'm taking the time to send this message. I have never delt with such helpful and knowledgable group of folks. These people represent your name and you should be so proud of the job they're doing. I was truly impressed and felt compelled write this.

Tom O. Kinnelon, NJ

The Viper Evolution was Perfect! Great lines, sits well in the handle, great functionality, terrific value. Holds it own against a hand made knife. I have also bought several of your Fox Champagne Sabers; great gifts! They were used at weddings creating great "Wow!" moments.

Geoffrey F. Glastonbury, CT

Fantastic customer service. I had a couple question about shipping to Canada. Amy and Judy both answered my questions and were very friendly and professional. This is my first time doing business with AG Russell. And I would confidently do so again!

Matt K. Kitchener, ON (Canada)

Your customer service was wonderful! The lady who took my order was very pleasant. I was surprised to hear a thump on my porch to find the knife had been delivered already. The knife is the Randall Model 1 Fighting Knife with a 6" blade and stag handle arrived in perfect condition. I have always wanted a Model 1, and to find it in the Cutting Edge catalog at a great price was amazing. I can't wait to see what I find in the next catalog. I was totally pleased with how I was treated in my dealings with your company. Thank you so much.

Darrell S. Afton, TN

Thank you A.G. Russell for promptly answering my question. All items I have purchased from the A.G. Russell Company in the past have always been as described, carefully packed, shipped promptly and arrived safely. For the most part, these have been working items for daily use. Fit and finish has always been exceptional. The A.G. Russell Shopmade Bowie I purchased fully met all of my expectations. A dazzlingly beautiful thing. It was purchased as a memorial gift to a good friend when his father passed away recently. I had the blade engraved with his father's birth and death dates. As always, this was a most satisfactory transaction with the A. G. Russell company. I will look forward to more suitable purchases from the A.G. Russell company in the future.

Edward, B. Albany, GA

After receiving a recent order, I want to commend A.G. Russell on a number of levels. First, it is absolutely refreshing to call you and have a real-live, courteous human answer the phone. Orders are processed promptly and professionally, and with no infuriating dealing with an automated telephone system. Recent orders have been shipped 'lightning fast' with on-line tracking and reasonable shipping fees. Whether the item is one of your AGR branded items, or a knife made by another maker, it is always top quality, as described, well-priced, and usually exceeds expectations. What's not to like?

Jim S. Port Orchard, WA

I purchased the Roper Ozark Drop Point Hunter. It is inexpensive and surprisingly solid. The antler crown guard obstructs the sheathing of the blade. The frog approach is interesting, but forces the handle too far away from the body to be secure. I think this maker has promise, and would like to see more products from them.

Dave, G. Merrimack, NH

I enjoy your company, catalogs, print & internet, notes from A.G. and everything about A.G. Russell. I am a small customer from back in late 70's-early 80's and just read your note about Hen and Rooster and felt like I just needed to let you know about how I feel. I am pretty sure that Goldie gets the credit for the art work, and even though sometimes I cry and moan to myself thinking shipping is too high, every print catalog makes me feel like a kid at Christmas and I want one of everything. I live in Texas and was working in Arkansas way back then and didn't really know who you were at the time, but I bought a kitchen knife and stone and gave it to my friend for his wife to use in the kitchen. With all my moving around I didn't see him real often, but he always told me that was the best knife he had ever owned. After his wife died the first thing he would say to me whenever I would see him was, 'Remember that knife you brought me from Arkansas?'

Mack M. Gilmer, TX

The Ultimate Pen Knife is clean, simple, and a real knife.

Bob Dozier St. Paul, AR

I ordered a Curved Regular Jack Zulu Spear Blade (now discontinued) and after a couple days noticed the blade moves when closed. I sent it back and in little over a week I had it back. Outstanding turn around. I cannot wait to order another knife. Oh, the knife was made beyond belief. Fit and finish is beyond belief. Especially considering the price. A.G. Russell rocks.

Nathan M. San Antonio, TX