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Customer Testimonials

I bought a pair of your field tweezers last month, and they are the best tweezers I've ever owned. I work on equipment and ATVs, weld, fabricate, and everything else in the shop. Constantly getting burrs and slivers in my hands and fingers, and all the previous Chinese made tweezers I've owned are junk compared to y'all's. Gotta order some for some buddies next. They are absolutely worth the 8 bucks.

Jon E. Little Rock, AR

I recently ordered the Lockback Folding Hunter knife with yellow Delrin scales, and hoped it would arrive for the Wisconsin Deer opener. I had ordered late so didn't expect it. To my great surprise I got it in like 4 days. It went with me to the woods and I am happy to say, field dressed a nice sized Doe. It remained very sharp thru out the entire process, and cleaned up thoroughly (sometimes the deer fat just will not come off easily), and quickly. Thanks for the prompt mailing, and a great product. Rating: 10/10

Michael T. Ellendale, MN

Your Customer Service Representative was very helpful and professional. She provided the best customer service I've ever received online (email), and the outstanding customer service she provided will certainly keep me as a customer. I'll be coming back to your company for further knife and sharpening purchases! Please thank her on my behalf.

Owen F. Colorado Springs, CO

In this age of business mediocrity, just wanted to give 5 out of 5 stars to Russell Knives Co. for outstanding customer service. Mary (who answered the phone as opposed to 30 phone prompts) spoke clearly and was helpful in addressing a knife concern. Within a week, I received a package which was above expectations, and exceeded most customer service experiences. Things do occasionally go south, but what separates one company from the next is how they handle disappointments or concerns. To this end, this American Company is like Saul of old: standing heads and shoulders above the crowd. If you have any reservation about AG Russell Knives, listen to a voice who does not casually hand out accolades. They stand behind their products and their word is good as gold. Knife on the table: Arno Maserin boxwood. I think it's French design, Italian made, awesome product, but a huge heads up to Russell for their customer service. Just had to say so. (If I lived nearby, I'd apply for a job)

Jack K. PA, PA

I am a professional banquet cook and the Cook's Knife II has proven to be one of the most useful pieces of kit that I carry during my day. In a big hotel I never know what room I'll be working in or how far from the kitchen I may be when I need a chefs knife. Everything from opening boxes and breaking the seals of cans to cutting the cap off a prime rib when no-one thought to bring a knife, I never leave the kitchen without it. In fact it has become a great piece of EDC. Thank you so much for a great product. I'm ordering another, because I'm giving the one I currently use to my boss, so he stops borrowing it.  Rating 10/10

Alex S. Spokane, WA

You guys have outdone yourselves with this A.G. Russell 5 1/2 Framelock. I collect and use hard use folders. I also make A2 knives. This knife is by far the best, and most awesome folder I have ever had. At a $150 price point this knife performs like a $500 custom. I am extremely pleased with this big folder. Well done crew. Well done indeed. 10/10

Ronald H. Albuquerque, NM

I bought the Integral Hunter. It's WONDERFUL, nice size for edc, easy to sharpen, super strong. This is my second one. When I lost my first one, I had no question about what to do. Order another one! The only thing I would change would be to put a second snap on the sheath.

Gregory R. Norwalk, CT

I bought the K-93C10 Featherlite in VG-10 steel. The size is perfect for EDC. The steel is about the sharpest I own and I have about 200 or so in my collection.  It is my first VG-10 and while the 8A  you sell is excellent, I feel that the VG-10 is well worth the price difference. Opens easy and adding a drop of breakfree CLP to the pivot (I use this on all my folders) facilitates opening and speeds up the "break in".  The closing is a bit more difficult.  I have huge hands and that lock (I never saw a lock like that before) is a bit awkward for me. It locks up tight and it is effective as a lock mechanism, but it is hard to lift up the tab when you have paws for hands.

I would make that lock release a bit larger (width). Even with smaller hands, it would provide more leverage and make closing a lot easier as well as giving hands a bit more clearance from blade edge when closing with one hand.

All in all i love this knife! I have only received it today but already it has become a favorite.

Rating: 10/10

David B. Winder, GA

I purchased a Chute Knife Second. Well, I am afraid I have quite taken advantage of ya'll. This knife, which we called a jump knife back in my day, is flawless. There is not a blemish on either the blade, or the hilt. I can not determine why this knife was sold as a second. I am quite happy with it. Rating 10/10

Walter W. Madison, MS

My daughter purchased a War Eagle Copperhead knife for Father's Day and I am impressed with the quality and workmanship of the knife. I told her she spent too much on her father and she said it was not much at all. This knife displayed craftsmanship and fit that would cost upwards of $70 or more. This knife is almost too nice to put in my pocket but when she told me how much she paid for it, it will go in my pocket and be used for the purpose for which it was made.

Normand, S. Fairhaven, MA

I've always wanted an impressive, nicely crafted knife like the Boker Arbolito Bowie Stag Handle! The stag grip sets it apart, great look for this classic blade! Leather sheath quality takes it up another notch! Good product at good price! Thank you!

William G. Nashville, TN

Love the A.G. Russell Rancher. Ebony Rucarta Handle looks great and feels durable. Light/great blade. Fit and finish fabulous for a knife in this price range. Rating: 10/10

Thomas M. Dallas, TX

Your slipjoint knives made in China have great fit and finish, outside and inside. Far superior than X&X Company's slipjoint knives.

Barry C. Jonesboro, GA

I live in the UK and our knife laws are very strict, so for knife lovers like me finding good quality affordable models is becoming increasingly difficult. But I would like to inform anyone in the UK who is thinking of buying from outside the UK to have 100% confidence in buying from AG Russell. I have bought several knives from AG and each order has been seamless. I always get orders sent via Fedex priority shipping which does not cost as much as you would expect but I receive my order in just 3-4 days! The great thing about this method is that there is no hold up with customs clearance as Fedex will deliver you goods and send through any import charges a few days later. This all sounds expensive but let me say that for the quaility of knives you are getting from AG even with delivery and import charges it still makes AG's knives fantastic value for money (trust me, I know having collected knives for over 30 years.) If you're in the UK looking for beautiful knives - buy from AG Russell with 100 % confidence.

John E. Edinburgh, UK

I have skinned, quartered, and "made meat" of about 200 deer in my lifetime. So I have some input on how to go about it and what knives I use. Recently, my brother called me and said he had filled both of his doe permits one morning just as a good old fashioned Great Plains blizzard was starting and could I take one of them and get it cut up before it froze. (Frozen deer are a hellish chore to skin and quarter and bone out). I headed over to the hanging deer before I realized that my knives were not in the vehicle with me. My son did have his A.G. Woodswalker in its leather sheath in his pocket, though... and that was what I used to skin, quarter, and remove the backstraps out of that big Nebraska doe...without being touched up with a sharpening steel. Now, I will be the first to say that A.G Russell sells dozens of knives that are more suited for what I did with the Woodswalker that morning, but I was impressed that little knife did everything asked of it and we got the deer in the coolers before the snow started piling up. I thought hand fatigue out in the cold would start setting in or the blade would dull up before the task was done, but it is a very well designed knife that worked well out of its element. Changes: Maybe put a shield in the leather sheath so the point doesn't cut through. Rating: 10

Michael J. Columbus, NE

I was VERY PLEASED with your customer service! I have purchased several items from A.G. Russell, with which I have been completely satisfied. I recently purchased a knife sharpener with which I was disappointed. However, the level of customer service I received (a prompt return and refund,) was exemplary! I will continue to purchase from you, and sing your praises to friends and colleagues.

Louis C. Newburgh, IN

The Keith Murr General Purpose Jigged Bone knife is absolutely amazing. I have never seen a Keith Murr made knife before and I am very impressed. The grinds are perfect, the bone handle is perfect. This man's workmanship is amazing. The pictures of this knife on the website do not compare to how nice it is when you actually have it in your hand. Perfect balance. I could not be more pleased! Changes: Nothing whatsoever. Rating: 10 I am pleased with your products. Your service was fantastic.

Jared M. Waynetown, IN

The Pipe Knife is exactly what I wanted, and hoped for. A very good quality pipe knife, fit and finish are excellent, the blade is sharp enough to cut paper. Bone scales are well fitted and look classy. The only down side is my Victorinox classic gets booted from my pocket. Thank you for offering this option. I've been searching e-bay for older good quality pipe knives, but not anymore.

Bruce R. Wichita, KS

I bought both yer Cowboy and Rancher pocket knives (both Discontinued) in yellow. I like the traditional yellow as when I was a boy and going to the hardware store with my Dad, would see lots of pocket knives with yellow handles. I am in my 60's now. Still like 'em. I keep the smaller of the afore mentioned Russell knives in my pocket each day. Larger one if out in the woods. Between these two knives do just about everything I ask. The steel works very well and the flat grind is done perfectly so as to slice well. Changes: Now, with everything else said about these knives, they would be perfect, PERFECT if you would also make them with the choice of 1095 steel. Would make an old man happy! Excellent knives though! Rating: 9/10

Frederick F. Eau Claire, WI

I love the Behring Pocket Hunter! 10/10. This is an absolute little gem of a knife! Very nicely done. Qualitity of craftsmanship on both the knife and sheath are outstanding. Perfect for a fixed blade pocket knife. I have been a customer since 1960's when AG was working out of a little farm house in Springdale when I fist visited while living in Illinois. Have never been disappointed by any product I have purchased over the decades. Changes: Nothing on the knife. Possibly change the sheath clip to black for lower profile instead of the shiney nickel one. Otherwise, sheath quality is excellent.

Jeff M. Los Ranchos, NM