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Customer Testimonials

You're folding cuisine knife or kitchen knife. which I love but can't seem to find in your catalogues anymore. Superb finish, wide blade, tapered blade. one-handed opening, very solid lock and easy sharpening.
Changes: The superb finished means that a lot of the edges of the handle a very sharp. These should be rounded off. (This was the only real fault. It made the knife uncomfortable to use because it was stabbing you in the palm of the hand. I wore these edges off with the sharpening stone and then it work fine for me) The blade works well it would be better if it were thined down. And lastly this is a very heavy knife maybe some effort could be put into reducing the bulk of the handle. I looked up a folding kitchen knifes because I travel through hostels and hotels and most knifes you find in them you could sit on. There were only two companies that made such a knife, yours and Boker. Yours for superior but the thinner blade on the boker was an advantage.
Rating: 9/10

Chris W. Indooroopilly, ZZ

I've had this Italian-made one hand knife (stag scales) over a year, and it is, very simply, a spectacular knife, I have an original 1980s one-hand knife and I always wished for scales. When this one appeared with stag scales, I went for it. Fit and finish are superb. The blade steel is excellent. It takes an excellent edge with quite reasonable effort on a good sharpener, and holds it for quite a while. This is just a great knife.
Changes: very little, but one small-thing. when closed, the pointed corners at the very end of the spring would benefit from being slightly more rounded. I realize that when open these 'points' make it more flush with the blade, so conflicted on this. no big deal.
Rating: 10/10

Lawrence W. Houston, TX

I have already offered what I considered to be constructive criticism. Now I'd like to say how beautiful the design! The knife is practically flawlessly executed! Lines are crisp and elegant, with an action like butter! I can one hand open it with just a rapid down and up motion. Closing it is just too smooth. The back lock functions flawlessly,, no sticking or extra effort.  I've been rubbing the stag with some polishing cloth and paper bag and it is starting to develop a great 'used but gently handled' patina.
It is a great hearkening back to times when titanium was only something on the periodic chart of the elements!
Yes, it could be much lighter with ti... but I think it might mess with the time frame/authenticity. I will still carry mine and use it! It is a beautiful example of the knife-maker's art!
[What would I] Change about it? Well, now that you ask, as I have mentioned elsewhere, a chamferring of all bolster exposed edges would be much easier on the pocket and hands! Chamferring the inside edges would eliminate the annoying pains of handling razor sharp metal edges while attempting to avoid the sharp metal edge of the blade. And it would take so little...
Speaking of the blade, what a slicer! Wouldn't it be nice if it would slice more than a sheet of paper before having to resharpen? A bit higher quality steel?
A certain amount of thought goes into ergonomics, lets put some more thought into the end user experience.
Rating: 8/10

Brad P. Clearlake, CA

I just received the A.G. Russell 4" Sunfish Lockback with the black G10 that I purchased. It is a beautifully crafted knife and I am so pleased with it that I am going to order another, with stag. My question is this; for the $120. - $135. for the knife, why is the steel of such quality that would be a good buy at half the price? For the money, couldn't you have given us something better? (And maybe weight reducing titanium as bolsters and liners? A good liner lock would be great, too) I'd happily pay $$50. - $60. more! Just such boring steel on such a beautiful knife. Anyway, I just thought I'd share my 2 cents. Peace, Brad.

Brad P. None Provided

AG Russell V-Sharpening System - Sadly, the quality of this sharpening system is terrible.  I have similar sharpening tools from other manufacturers, and the tolerance on the rod holes is tight, so that the rods and angle do not move.  On the AG Russell tool, there is tremendous slop in the rod holes (holes were drilled too big), so that the rods can vary by over an inch at their tips.
Better manufacturing, tighter tolerances and/or if my particular item is an anomaly, then better quality control.
Rating: 1/10

Jim M. Long Beach, CA

I purchased this knife several months ago and to unlock it to close the blade, I still need a tool like a key to do so. It is still so stiff that it is too difficult to open just with my thumb. Is there something I can do to give this piece of the knife more flexibility? I like the knife otherwise. Rating: 1/10
Note - some of the K87's are stiff, if you find yours is too stiff, mail it in to us and we will adjust it.

RICHARD B. Wichita Falls, TX

A.G. Russell Wharncliffe Swayback Jack Desert Ironwood - The quality and workmanship of this knife are excellent. The blade is extremely sharp, and fit and finish are also excellent. The use of Bohler 390 steel adds to the quality of this knife. I think the size of the knife is just about perfect. I certainly wouldn't want a shorter knife. Changes: I probably would like a different option than a bullet shield, but it's a minor complain. Rating: 10/10

Mike E. Ewing, NJ

I currently have the S-F FO-FX593 in satin and admire it.  The hilt looked a bit dry so I grabbed some walnut oil.  That not only sealed it, but made it pop.  I hope to shortly get the S-F FO-FX592 and  hopefully get the S-F FO-592W to complete the set. Over the years I obtained the Fox Madras  and the Italian special forces blade w/display case.   Each Fox Knife I've found to be of the highest quality, i commend you for carrying them, thank you
Patrick R.

Patrick R. Kansas City, MO

Roper Laredo Carbon Steel Trapper ROP-02SGLS - While I like the idea of an old fashion carbon steel knife (which is why I ordered it), and while on first look this knife looks just like an old-timer, the execution of the handle scales is rather poor. The transition from wood to the brass spacer to stag is rather rough. The brass spacer sticks out and it does not feel good in the hand at all. I almost feel like I need to rework this. Of course, I could hope that it will smooth over in my pocket over time, but I don't think I have the 200 years required for that to happen. I get that this is made in China, but if Roper puts its name behind it, then they also need to execute some sort of quality control. Otherwise, it turns into Chinese crap. This is what this in fact is at this point, far as the handle scales are concerned. Changes: If the manufacturer is incapable of doing intricate work, don't do intricate work. Just leave the spacers and the stag piece out and provide it with wooden scales only. Alternatively, get it made somewhere where they know what they're doing. Like the Mazarin Arno that I ordered, which is absolutely superb. Rating: 3/10. Click here for customer image.

Hartmut U. Brandon, MS

Hatchet with built in guard. I use it to split wood down for my tent stove. Tapping down with hammer. I like the size and the good flare on the head. But you should stop coating it with lacquer. As it gets worn off it looks lousy. I spent an hour sanding it off. I then rubbed it with oil. You ought to know this is all that needs to be done to prevent any rust. So, why do you do it? Simply inform people to oil it! Rating: 9/10

Jerry J. Fairfax, VA

A.G. Russell Woods Walker knife - I have had your woods walker knife for a few months now, while it is not great at any one thing, it is really good and many things. I used it during Missouri deer season, and cleaned and skinned a doe, just to see if it would. It did....would another knife have done better or easier...yes. But it did the job, I now carry it along with a sod buster folding knife every day. Short of a heard of zombies, I feel they will handle any chore I need a knife to do. Thank you for a great product. By the way, you ladies in customer service are outstanding. Rating: 10/10

David V. Callao, MO

I'm a long-time AGR & Russell's for Men Customer. I ordered a AG Russell "Personal Hunter" to be a gift, but when it got here & I saw how nice it was, I ordered another for myself. This is a well-made very practical all-around sheath knife and an excellent value. I usually keep a few knives around to use as gifts; the Russell Catalog knives are very great values. I also like the small Boker "Genteman's Pocket Knives, have in several handle scale types and use some of them for gifts, too. Changes: Nothing at all. Perhaps a leather sheath option would be nice. I'd like to add that, in this day of "cheap imports", that EVERY knife I've purchased from AG Russell over the years has been well made and carefully inspected, no matter where in the World it was manufactured. Rating: 9/10.

RICHARD F. Saint Martinville, LA

War Eagle Blade Model 42 - The knife is perfect size for my EDC needs. The G10 handle is very nice to look at. However, one of the securing pins on the handle is not flush with the handle and is actually marred creating a small semi sharp obstruction. I tried to tighten the pin into the handle but it would not move. I tried to buff the sharp edge with sand paper and was marginally successful. However the defect is still there, visible and rough to the touch. I notice another pin, nicely counter sunk into the handle, but that pin also appears slightly marred. I find the spine of the blade to be very pronounced. The knife doesn't appear to be that sharp coming out of the box and the tip appears unevenly ground so that will take some re-profiling. Overall I like the knife, it is perfect size for my needs but does have quality control issues as noted.
Changes: I would make the clip reversible for point up carry. I would smooth the spine of the knife, maybe make the thumb stud just a little larger. Rating: 6/10

Michael M. Bellingham, WA

Boker Plus Stag Hunter - I loved this knife the minute I held it. It's such a beautifully made and solid thing. I bought it because it is the spitting image of an older Hen & Rooster fixed blade hunter I've had that looks and feels great—but I never felt the H&R steel held its edge very well. But this Boker is 440C, which is a fine steel. A big upgrade.
Changes: The sheath is well-crafted heavy duty leather. The knife slips into it and feels fairly secure. That being said, I prefer sheaths with some kind of positive locking feature such as a snap. It is a quality sheath though, so don't worry about it. Talk Boker into making more like this! Rating: 10/10

Michael R. Tucson, AZ

I love everything about this knife [A.G. Russell Acies]. The walk and talk is outstanding. I can't put this knife down. Thanks for making such a quality piece of cutlery. Rating: 10/10

Sylvester M. Longview, TX

I received the Arkansas veterans knife when I joined the American Legion in Holiday Island. Love the knife and ordered 3 more for family members. God bless..... Changes: Rating: 10/10


The A.G. Russell F.I.S.T. is a great knife. It opens very easily, seems to hold an edge well, and even has a deep-carry clip. The clip has one problem, though. The securing screws have rounded heads which eat up half the space meant for the pocket lip, and make it slightly difficult to withdraw from the pocket. Changes: Make the pocket clip slightly larger. Rating: 8/10

James N. Alamogordo, NM

The A.G. Russell K93 
Pros: thin, strong, good-looking, good steel, good materials, great design. It's lasted 20+ years of semi-hard use.
Cons: I never had a problem closing my K93 but some of my dumb friends could never close it after borrowing it. I finally fixed that by not loaning it out. really, what do you expect from someone that doesn't have their own knife anyway.
Even though mine has lasted forever, I never really liked the look of the tiny phillips screw that attaches the unlock button. Maybe a rivet or torx screw would look better. Of course a rivet would be horrible to service.
Rating: 10/10

Mickey B. Shreveport, LA

A.G. Russell Professional Hunter Satin Finish - This is an extremely well-designed knife! Perfect size and shape for field dressing game. The D2 steel is excellent, also. It takes and holds a very nice edge. The execution of this great design, though, isn't quite perfect. The video states that the blade is nearly flat, but slightly hollow ground. One side of the blade on my knife does appear flat, with perhaps a very slight concave shape. The other side of the blade, though, is convex, not even close to being flat or concave. But with the great steel and edge, the knife still performs pretty well. Changes: Make both sides of the blade the same. I would make it in the USA, not China. I was disappointed when I saw "Made in China"! Rating: 8/10

Joe D. Lewiston, ID

The Buck Nighthawk Hunter is rare and a great find, Thanks. The EK Presentation knife is beautiful a great addition to my collection. Thanks Again. Rating: 10/10