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Customer Testimonials

The A.G. Russell K93 
Pros: thin, strong, good-looking, good steel, good materials, great design. It's lasted 20+ years of semi-hard use.
Cons: I never had a problem closing my K93 but some of my dumb friends could never close it after borrowing it. I finally fixed that by not loaning it out. really, what do you expect from someone that doesn't have their own knife anyway.
Even though mine has lasted forever, I never really liked the look of the tiny phillips screw that attaches the unlock button. Maybe a rivet or torx screw would look better. Of course a rivet would be horrible to service.
Rating: 10/10

Mickey B. Shreveport, LA

A.G. Russell Professional Hunter Satin Finish - This is an extremely well-designed knife! Perfect size and shape for field dressing game. The D2 steel is excellent, also. It takes and holds a very nice edge. The execution of this great design, though, isn't quite perfect. The video states that the blade is nearly flat, but slightly hollow ground. One side of the blade on my knife does appear flat, with perhaps a very slight concave shape. The other side of the blade, though, is convex, not even close to being flat or concave. But with the great steel and edge, the knife still performs pretty well. Changes: Make both sides of the blade the same. I would make it in the USA, not China. I was disappointed when I saw "Made in China"! Rating: 8/10

Joe D. Lewiston, ID

The Buck Nighthawk Hunter is rare and a great find, Thanks. The EK Presentation knife is beautiful a great addition to my collection. Thanks Again. Rating: 10/10


I returned a knife and your return service was excellent - no problems - cc was credited immediately - just wanted to say thank you - keep it up it's nice to do business with a co. like Russell's - Denny

Denny K. Topeka, KS

A.G. Russell One-Hand Knife It's Not Ivory (K87C-17NI) - This knife is a marvel of design simplicity that is beautifully made. It only has two moving parts, the blade and the handle with its integral lock mechanism. The only way to make this knife stronger and with fewer parts would be to make it a fixed blade knife. I will spend many hours enjoying the artistry of this knife, its design and its workmanship. It is absolutely elegant with the pure white It’s Not Ivory handle scales.
Changes: The handle scales are flat. I would prefer them to be oval in cross section.
Rating: 10/10


Robert D. Milford, CT

A.G. Russell Sowbelly Trapper/A.G. Russell Leather Pouch for Sowbelly Trapper - This is a big and beautiful fistful of a knife. This is my latest acquisition in furtherance of my study of A.G. Russell knife designs and, like all of his knives that I have pondered, the design changes he made to a classic knife design give delight. The things I love about this knife: 1). The serpentine spine appeals to both my eye and my hand. After pondering why I so loved Russell’s Serpentine Stockman (see my separate review of that knife), I started looking at other manufacturers’ Serpentine knives. I would describe them as “mildly serpentine,” while Russell’s are “wildly serpentine.” 2) The Sowbelly/Serpentine handle permits a very robust and deep clip point blade with enough belly for skinning that a separate Spey blade is unnecessary. Instead, Russell installed a Whopper of a Wharncliffe that is a delight to use. 3) The elongated nail nick with the burr at the top edge lets me open the blades using the pad of my thumb for the clip point and my forefinger for the Wharncliffe, so no broken fingernails. 4). The fit and finish on this knife are amazingly good. The Rucarta handle scales, the bolsters and the lamination of the spine of the knife all flow seamlessly together, and the pins in the handle are absolutely flush with the scales. 5). While I generally I prefer natural handle materials, the brown Rucarta handle scales have a nice feel to them, and they do have something of a “grain” resembling wood. And, Rucarta is a workhorse material entirely suitable for this workhorse knife. 6). The included pigtail is a nice touch, as it is necessary to help pull the knife out of the Dozier-designed leather pouch available separately. 7). I love the Pouch for this knife. It consists of three separate pieces of leather very securely sewn together. The outer piece has a brass stud to lock down the strap that retains the knife. The strap is the middle piece, and the inner piece has two belt slots cut in it that securely keeps the Pouch in place on your belt so that it doesn’t move out of position. I find it much easier to slide the strap over the stud to secure the knife than I do to line up a snap on a Pouch, and the Pouch really hugs your hip without protruding. This is a really excellent design and I would expect nothing less from Bob Dozier. There's a reason I own four of his fixed blade knives. Given that this knife weighs 5.7 ounces, which I find inconvenient for pocket carry, I strongly recommend getting this Pouch with the knife. They are both excellent designs beautifully executed and they belong together. Changes: Perhaps a little more radius on the edges of the bolsters and handle scale. They are a bit "crisp" for my taste. Rating: 10/10

Robert D. Milford, CT

I purchased one hand knives for myself and my sons. One of them broke the tip off through misuse. I sent it back to AG Russell with that explanation and asked to pay for a replacement blade. To my great surprise I received a new one hand knife at no charge with the explanation ‘A G Russell guarantees its knives unconditionally’.  

Richard T. Cincinnati , OH

Spyderco Tenacious - I couldn't be more pleased; It is a well made, easily deployed and even attractive piece; as good as my every day Benchmade, and at half the price. I love the 4 way clip, as I won't carry a blade unless the clip is in the proper position. Thanks for a great piece of kit. ps the service was pleasant and rapid.  Rating: 10/10

Carl L. enterprise, OR

Leather & Canvas Knife or Tool Roll - This is an excellent and useful product. The waxed canvas is very durable and it looks really good with the brown suede leather pockets. It hold your knives securely, but you have to be careful how you position your knives so that no exposed bolsters or handles come into contact with one another when you roll it up. The single strip of rawhide does an excellent job of keeping it from unrolling. All that is required is that you wrap the rawhide around itself a couple of turns and it is secure. Because I do not show my knives at shows, I didn’t even know how useful I would find this item until I read A.G. Russell’s obituary. I found his obituary liberating because I learned that he never went forth without six knives on his person. I guess I have limited imagination because it had never occurred to me to carry more than one knife at a time. Because one of the purposes of my knives is to partially fulfill the need for art in my life, I had been a believer in “the knife du jour.” I have many different knives that I like to carry so that they each get the opportunity to be admired and the virtues of their designs, choice of materials and Craftsmanship pondered over a cup of coffee with buddies at Starbucks (back in the pre-Covid era). While opportunities are now more limited for discussions with friends about one’s knives, they still do at least occasionally occur. So, the day after I read Mr. Russell’s obituary, I headed up to my club for some pheasant hunting with seven knives on my person. While waiting on the deck of my clubhouse during pheasant stocking, I had the pleasure of discussing the virtues of these knives with one of the members whom I did not know collected knives. In fact, we ran out of knives to discuss. When I arrived at home later that day, the latest Russell catalog was waiting for me in the mailbox, and in it was this new product. The next time I headed up to my club, I had a dozen knives in this roll and had the pleasure of discussing all of them. What a useful product! Changes: It would be nice if it had a suede piece at the top that could be folded down before rolling the roll up, so as to protect expose bolsters or handles. But, I will simply get a chamois car wipe and cut it to size for this purpose. Rating: 10/10 

Robert D. Milford, CT

A.G. Russell Medium Gents Hunter - I did not use to believe in love at first sight.  After all, it took me a year after I met my wife for me to propose to her (during which time we had a number of conversations which ended with her saying “What do you mean you don’t know how you feel?”). But, this knife has changed my mind.  After having used this knife for two days and having savored it's design, it's utility and its art, I know to a moral certainty that if I could only have one pocket knife to do everything I do with a pocket knife (and I do not try to use my pocket knives as an axe, a saw or a machete), this is the knife. I need not describe all of the great features of this knife, as Jake and A.G. Russell have done a wonderful job of doing this in their video regarding this knife, which I highly recommend.  Everything they say is absolutely true.  My “one pocket knife” has to meet these criteria:  1) It has to have a fine enough point to dig splinters out of my hand, clean a trout, draw a bird, clean and skin small game, and have enough belly to skin a deer. 2) It has to have a smooth handle that won’t become hopelessly clogged with deer slime that can’t be cleaned off without hot soapy water and a scrub brush, and must be sufficiently contoured to prevent its slipping in my hand when covered with blood.  3)  It must have a secure locking mechanism that permits the knife to be easily opened with one hand.  4) It must have a full flat grind blade, as my pocket knives frequently have to slice food (I am 6’3” and 240 pounds), and there is a reason kitchen knives are always flat ground.  5). It must have good blade steel that will take and hold a good edge and be rust resistant, and the  knife’s construction must be strong enough to withstand hard use and the application of considerable force.  6). For the reasons set forth in my separate review of the A.G. Russell Medium Lockback Barlow, it must have a nicely finished deep pocket clip and also help to fulfill the need for art in my life.  I am 74 years old and have been buying and using knives since I was a child.  This is the first knife I have ever seen that meets all of my criteria.  If there were any doubt as to the genius of A.G. Russell as a knife designer, this knife should certainly resolve that question.  I truly lament that I did not come to recognize his genius until after his death, as I would have driven from CT to AR just to have a cup of coffee and talk knives with him.
The deep pocket clip on this knife, while very similar to the one on the Medium Barlow Lockback, is much stiffer.  It is very difficult to get it to slide onto thick garment edges.  Please make a clip available with less tension.  I would happily purchase one.  This minor flaw is the only thing standing between this knife and perfection.  I would have given this knife 20 out of 10 but your program does not allow that.
Rating: 10/10
I really love the CPM-S35VN steel in your Vest Pocket Semi-Skinner.  Perhaps you could use this steel in the Medium Gents Lockback Hunter.

Robert D. Milford, CT

I have been a customer of AG Russell for years. I have purchased many knives through the catalog and online. On the few occasions that I contacted customer service support the service has been outstanding, courteous, efficient and friendly. Nothing short of superior! They answered all of my questions in great detail. Whether it be anticipated delivery time, or hunting down a specific make and model of knife, they did so patiently, and thoroughly. I highly recommend AG Russell to all of my friends, and fellow collectors. Keep up the great work!

Gregory L. Carpentersville, IL

I ordered a Bayonet from you folks and the shipping was timely and I had zero problems or complaints.  Plan on ordering more of your unbelievably well made knives..  Thanks

Scott C. Tulsa, OK

A.G. Russell Gentleman's Framelock - I love the blade on this knife. It is about perfect and holds an edge well. The size and weight are spot on for EDC. Changes: Two things. 1. I wish that the blade would fully open when using the flipper. Had I known that it was designed to not kick all the way open, I might have selected a different model. 2. the deep pocket clip should use flat screws and be countersunk to allow more room for the clip to slide down into your pocket. As it is designed the knife cannot fully seat. the thickness of your pocket material is too wide to slide past the heads of the screws. Rating: 8/10

James H. Eureka Springs, AR

Love your company and what you stand for. Don't let the world change you to fir some crazy new mold. I buy stuff from you guys even when I don't need it to try and continue to support you. Keep being A.G Russell. Don't compromise. And thanks for the deals . I try and buy every chance . God bless.

David C. Starkville, MS

I was a police officer for many years (I bought knives for work and personal). I told my friends to use you guys too. I lived in three different states (I never had a problem in any of the states (I was shopping online with you guys). I like to think in all this time I have bought a fair amount knives maybe not as many as others. Enough that when I pass away one day and my kids start digging through my drawers in my nightstand, desk, tool cabinets, glove boxes, my storage box with my old police gear in it. They are going to find a heck of a lot of knives and a lot of those knives say AG Russell on them or came from you guys. Some will have been well used some are just so beautiful I couldn't bear to use them so I bought multiples. The Sowbelly trapper, the Rancher (I think I have one called the Cowboy too?), the Medium Gunstock, the 3 5/8" Gunstock and ALOT of them yellow Delrin. A lot of those knives make me think of my grandfather and are familiar and comforting (strange as that may seem). So thank you for being you for being AG Russell. I only write this because I saw your email yesterday. I think you guys are awesome. I love your customer service. I have called you on the phone before and I was so impressed that I would do it again over using the convenient online store. You are not going to make everybody happy. You have made me happy and I have a feeling many more people like me. I am sure you have made some people mad too. I have a feeling those people are looking to pick a fight with anybody. You just happen to be the unlucky "person" that time. You keep being you and I will keep being knives (along with a lot of other people). Respectfully, Michael

Michael C. Omaha, NE

In the decades that I have been shopping the various Russell catalogs, I have had to contact customer service two times that I can recall. In both instances the service provided was prompt, professional and very satisfactory. It would be a huge improvement to on-line shopping if every merchant provided similar customer service. I don't know what the on-line poster referred to, but sometimes customers ARE WRONG. "The customer is always right" is an urban legend that is based in fallacy.


I have been a customer for many years and your service has been outstanding. every contact has been answered promptly and with courteously and efficiently by a knowledge representative. Do not let You Tube concern you Someone is trying to woke you. I have not purchased a lot from you but I will look to you first from now on.

Henry R. Hudson, OH

i love your customer service. dont listen to the peanut gallery. today drama overrides basic science and facts. seems like the more drama created by loud noise and unscientific false news the larger audience attracted. always fight the good fight refute drama with science and you will be doing the right thing.

Brian z. new iberia, LA

Rating: 10/10. I merely wanted to give you an "ataboy". After reading your Email, I thought you might one. I have dealt with AGRussell for many years and have always been satisfied. Just keep up the good work and ignore the trolls.

Carr B. Ishpeming, MI

I read in the most recent email news letter that there was a public comment regarding your customer service. I just want to tell you that this sounds like a troll at work. From my perspective your customer service and support has always been first rate. I have always recommended AG Russell to any of my friends when they have an interest in knives and related subjects. Keep up the good work.

Randall A. Farmington Hills, MI